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RV AC Vent Disc Cleaning Tip

Posted on July 26th, 2016 by David.B


Ok, remember we recommended the Dyson DC59 Handheld Vac for use in a  motorhome? Well, actually we said that “it sucked”. If not, see this post and the fun video we did on it… CLICK HERE

Disc-FilterAnyway, some time back I happened to accidentally stumble on a way to quickly, and with some fun, clean the little AC disc vent intake air filters. You know, the little round ones that you may have in your RV.

I was using the handheld Dyson with the small motor head and was using it to vacuum off the collected dust from the vent.  All good right? Nope. While I started my first swipe of the disc, it was sucked into the motor head, whipped around and shot out. Sounds bad right?  Nope again. To my joyful amazement, the disc was totally clean.  I mean, like one second and it was clean. Naw, could not be right…could it?  Of course I then took another disc and this time actually dropped it into the motor head, not that Dyson of course would recommend it, and sure enough, out popped a clean air filter disc.  POOF!

Now I can not say it will work for all filter discs, but I can say it does for ours. So as we say, mileage may very and we are not responsible if something goes wrong. But if it does go right and you get a hoot out of it like I did, then let me say now that “Your Welcome” for the fun. ;)

Ok, ok, what good is talking about this when of course I had to make a video for you.  So lets just jump to that. Let’s just say I had a little fun. :)  Enjoy

If you give it a try…record and post the video and add it to the comments below. ;)

Have A Verizon Unlimited Plan? You Could Loose It!

Posted on July 23rd, 2016 by David.B

verizon_2015_logo_detailIf you have not yet heard, and are lucky enough to have a Verizon Unlimited Data Plan (UDP), that Verizon is at it again. What? Huh? Say it is not so…Well, it is….sort of.

Our friends over at Technomadia reported quickly, as they usually do, about information they received on how Verizon is looking to again drop users that have UDP’s. But unless you are a extreme user, 100Gig+ so it seems, then it seems you will be OK. But for those that use it for all TV, Music, and Movies, then you just may be in that 100+ data use area. (It can add up very quickly when streaming.)

TMlogoSo I do not need to repeat the information provided, I will say if you are not aware of Technomadia, you should be.  They are the best source when it comes to data on the road and have a dedicated site just for it…

Here is what they reported … CLICK HERE

It is good to know there is a way to extend your contract another year while keeping your UDP. We used the method provided by Technomadia and was able to extend our contract. Please note however, to find out how to do this, you do need to subscribe to their RV Mobile Internet site and it may be well worth doing so if you at all rely on data on the road. IMHO, it is also good that they did not make method public as then Verizon may be flooded with calls and close down the loophole. So please do not ask me how to do it. :)

But Dave, you are a techie guy we turn to!?!?!?  Ya, Ya, but it is not what I do for a living and while I am happy to help with items like Making A Better Connection and other RV related items, they do mobile data all the time and have the connections in the industry to get information fast. And this IS what they do. Seeing we are both techie RV’er people, we became virtual friends having even met them once on the road in Quartzsite. Here is a video flight I did when we met for the first time showcasing their vintage bus. Enjoy.

A Silly Video That Was Not To Be Seen – Oh Well

Posted on July 11th, 2016 by David.B

P1090570Ok, now this post, video, was not to be made. I was told not to publish it a year ago. But hey, time has passed and it “must be” ok to post it now right? I guess we will find out. At least if you never end up seeing another post from me you will know why.

Anyway, the video below was made about a year ago when we were testing for an idea of something to do during our first Quartzsite meet-and-greet. (Now called “OBBerfest” thanks to those that attended.) This was a test video so I could try to see how best to edit multi takes of the same song over and over and use different pieces each time and be able to sync them.

So, why was I told not to post it? Well, it is us being stilly. I mean, really silly. It is a video that was done as a test on a warm afternoon in Hoover Alabama while our friend was in surgery. In that way, it was another way to try to keep our minds off said surgery. This is also the time that Brenda ended up hurting her foot that kept her off her feet for a few days. (Happened during this shoot. Opps….Rocks!) BTW…No grapes were hurt in the making of this video. And by that I mean is that no wine was involved. So it is just pure 100% us. It is a weird video. It is a silly video. It’s an “Us” video.

So why post it now? Well I happened to watch it the other day and it made me smile a number of times. It was something at the time I really needed. It just made me think how lucky I am to have someone that would do something so silly with me. It looked like we had a great time and brought back good feelings. I then thought hey, what a better way to show my love for her then to release an embarrassing silly video right after our 22nd wedding anniversary. There actually is more to this video in what it means to me. So in that I will just say… Thanks my love for the last ten “hard” years of my life. You are the reason I am.

So my love, happy 22 years.

Turn the lights on…Ok, Lights on!

Posted on July 9th, 2016 by David.B

Michael & Loups 2016 45OP Allegro Bus

Michael & Loups 2016 45OP Allegro Bus


Inside a 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OP there is something special going on. So here is something newsworthy about CoachProxy that we wanted to share with you.

As you may recall, we announced CoachProxy sometime back and we are currently in the beta test phase of the release. The beta program is going very well and Michael did something you may not have expected this soon. We think this is really cool and wanted to share it.


No better way really to show this other than a video.  So, here you go…

Now Voice Control is really just a fun thing and is for the advanced users, but it does show what we are able to do with CoachProxy in a Tiffin motorhome. Michael just had to get away from the normal development and do something fun….I guess he succeed. :) (This would require a CoachProxy, Amazon Echo, and full time Internet.)

Data Backups When On The Road

Posted on June 20th, 2016 by David.B

Western Digital USB Hard Drive

Western Digital USB Hard Drive

Ok, when you live in a digital world as we do today, that comes with the need to have backups should something occur. After all, you want to be sure to save the thousands of photos taken of your cats and dogs in funny poses. (Cough, Cough…Brenda) At home I surely hope you have some sort of back up running and that is no different when you are on the road. But how, what, where, when? Let me try to help you in this case.

When traveling you only really have a few choices in backups, cloud storage and external storage such as a USB hard drive. But with cloud storage comes data use, and unless you are lucky enough to have an unlimited data plan, you need to be very careful of cloud storage. But with that said, you SHOULD have it.

“But Dave, what do I do when I only have my JetPack or Mi-Fi device? Then what?” As I just mentioned, USB storage. “But Dave, you mentioned to use Cloud Storage”. Why yes I did.

You see, if you use a service such as CrashPlan (the one we use) then you have the best of both worlds. When you are on the road, you connect a USB hard drive to your computer(s) and CrashPlan will use that.  However, when it sees you are on a network, it will then also backup to the cloud for even safer backups of your important files. The best part…You can tell it NOT to back up to the cloud if connected to certain Wi-Fi’s like your JetPack. So that means, when you connect to an RV Park’s Wi-Fi, it will start to automatically backup to the cloud thus backing up anything that has not been backed up. Same holds true when you go home and connect to your home Wi-Fi, it will just start to backup.  Nice.

Ok, but a BIG THING people do not think about is where they put that USB hard drive after they do a back up.  Most will backup every few days or a week, depending on your needs, and then just pop the drive into a drawer until the next time they want to run a backup. While this makes it very convenient, it does nothing for you in case of theft or dare I say a fire. This is even more true if you full-time in your motorhome like we do and thus our entire life, photos, documents, etc are with us all the time. You have no “home” to also store them at. So what do you do?

SentrySafe Media Fire Safe

SentrySafe Media Fire Safe

We use a SentrySafe Fire Chest that is also rated for digital media and is also water tight. This means that your USB hard drive has a MUCH better chance at surviving a fire. But then also take the time to go one step further…Store it in the cargo bay.

Why store it in the cargo bay? Fire burns upwards and the cargo area, unless the fire started in there, usually burns last. As such, your data has the best chance of surviving. But remember, even if a total loss, you still may have all the files that made it up to the cloud when you connected to Wi-Fi as you travel around. As such, your memories will still be around. The above is the way WE do it. Surely their are many other ways it can be done. But bet you did not think about the storage part. :)


Side Note:  If you think getting it out would be a hassle, have two USB Drives and rotate them. At least then you will always have the chance at saving most of your data up to the point of your last swap.

Here is a video I did talking about what I just said above. ;)

$3,380.00 Raised For The Segs4Vets Foundation

Posted on June 12th, 2016 by David.B


Brenda and I would like to thank all that donated to our Memorial Day fund matching challenge to raise money for the Seg4Vets Foundation! A total of $3,380.00 was raised, which includes our match of $1,000 and a match of $440 by Charles Davis and a late, but very welcome, additional $500 by Ken and Diane Custis.

The donation was sent in on Friday 6/17.  Click here to see attached PDF file receipt.

Note from Jerry Kerr…

On behalf of General Eberhart, General Hornburg, our Board of Directors and Advisory Board, I would like to express our deepest appreciation for your donation to the Segs4Vets program.

Segs4Vets is an unprecedented grass-roots effort sustained and administered by volunteers representing grateful Americans who passionately believe that when those serving our nation are sent into harm’s way and suffer serious injury and permanent disability they must have every resource and tool available to them which will allow them to fulfill their dreams and live the highest quality of life possible.

Your support of our mission, assisting our nation’s severely injured Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Guardsmen returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan permanently disabled and who will have difficulty walking the rest of their lives, is invaluable. Our Segs4Vets recipients represent the best our nation has to offer, whose service, extraordinary sacrifice, and unwavering patriotism is an inspiration to us all. The benefit that your donation will provide to them will touch them deeply lift their spirits and be a reminder that they have served a grateful nation.

On behalf of all of them I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you.

With gratitude,

Jerry Kerr
500 Fox Ridge Rd.
Saint Louis, MO 63131

If you still care to donate, you can do so directly by clicking the logo below…