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Camp-Jam With A Cajon (Ka-Hon)

Posted on July 18th, 2015 by Brenda.B

Call it a talent.

Call it a hobby.

Call it what you will.

We call it fun.

While living on the road we have come across many people with many different hobbies and talents. Whether it be photography, painting, knitting, quilting, wood working. Doesn’t matter.

It’s important to keep busy. Otherwise you’d just go stir crazy.

It’s also important to make sure it’s fun because once it no longer is fun, its just work and really…who wants that.

Now you all know that David is a very techie person. He owns and runs a few different online forums. Can trouble shoot just about anything electrically speaking. He enjoys flying his quadcopter and editing the video. More recently, within the few years, he has started designing and installing W-Fi networks for various campgrounds we come across that are in dire need. And let’s face it, there are a lot of campgrounds out there that need Wi-Fi help. That however is a whole other conversation for another time.

But with all of that going on, David found a hobby/talent that is on the total opposite spectrum of technology.

Jam Session Around The Campfire

Jam Session Around The Campfire




It’s called a Cajon. Pronounced… “Ka-hon”

What is a Cajon you may ask?

Well, without getting too technical, it’s a drum that is usually made out of wood that you sit on. It has guitar strings or something else inside it that you can adjust based on the sound you would like. Depending on where you hit the Cajon it will make sounds like a snare, bass and everything in between.






Jamming Around The Campfire

Jamming Around The Campfire



It’s small enough that it travels very nicely. We all love things that can serve as a dual purpose. This can be used as an extra seat if need be. It’s also great for an impromptu campfire jam. We call it a “Camp-Jam”.

Even better when you get invited to play at the campground social hour with the band!



Playing With The Band During Campground Social Hour Poolside

Playing With The Band During Campground Social Hour Poolside



The guys, Ryan and Reynold, enjoyed David’s playing so much around the campfire that they asked him to play with them at the poolside social hour for the campground that weekend. David was smiling from ear to ear.





So, is he having fun?


And that’s really the important factor in all of this.

Plus, now I can be a groupie and go home with the drummer!

Here’s a short video that I took from my prime front row seating at the poolside jam at Southwoods.

Video Doorbell For An RV? You Betcha!

Posted on July 6th, 2015 by David.B

Ring Video Doorbell

Ok, you must know by now I am a gadget guy and love my little electronic gizmos. So maybe it would be a shock for you to hear me say I installed a doorbell on our coach. Yawn! However it should come as no surprise that this is not an ordinary doorbell, oh no, nope! It’s a Wi-Fi video doorbell. I know what you are saying “Come on Dave, get out!?!?!” No I will not get out. In fact I am going to tell you more about it.



Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is actually made for use on a house to replace your current traditional doorbell. But seeing we live in a motor coach, I had to of course install one. Hey, after all, it is our “house”. The best news to me was that it actually can run on it’s internal, rechargeable, battery! Yup…That means no wires need to be run or holes made in the coach. The batteries recharge via USB port and last for a very, very, long time. I have had this installed for over two months now and the battery is still at 85%!

What does it do you may ask? Well, when someone presses the button, it rings an app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone). From that app you can see the person at your door no matter if you are home or not. If you care to then chat with the person, you can do that via it’s built in speaker and mic. Even if you choose not to, it records the video onto a cloud storage area. Now the service does cost for the storage, however it is only $30 a year. (That’s cheap.) So that means even if you miss the call, your still get a video of anyone that pays a visit.

It even has motion sensitive areas. So you can setup zones for it to watch for motion and if detected, it will send you an alert and record the video. We do not do this however, for we do not need it to send us a notice and make a video every time we go in and out of the coach.

All in all, here is a video I did talking a little about it and showing you how it works on our coach.

Purchase online on Amazon HERE and find out more about it from manufacturer HERE.

Join Us In Quartzsite, AZ In January

Posted on June 29th, 2015 by Brenda.B

Our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus

Our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus

OK….So we’ve been to Quartzsite, Arizona a few times over the years. It’s an experience that we feel RVers should experience at least once in there adventures. Some people like to come year after year and make it a wintertime destination while others like to come once and they are done. When we go, we like to shop, eat and have lots of fun in the desert. With friends of course.

Because what’s Quartzsite without friends?

Certainly not as fun.

So we thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be fun to have an Outside Our Bubble group? We could have everyone circle our RV’s and share adventurers we have all had on the road. Heck, we can have pot-luck dinners, movie nights and bon fires. Here is our last post on Quartzsite for more information… CLICK HERE


Come one…

Come all…

To the very first ever, Outside Our Bubble get-together, ever, and it will be in Quartzsite, AZ this coming January (2016).

The big RV show in Quartzsite, AZ is being held January 16-24, 2016 and that is the time everyone comes to Quartzsite.  And remember, the show is FREE! (And so is parking in the desert.)

We plan on doing the OOB Meet-up: Thursday, January 14 through Sunday, January 17, 2016. We choose these dates based on it being right before the show opening weekend so we can, we hope, get a large enough space for the number of RV’s that care to come join us. Also note… Opening weekend at the show is really busy, so you may choose to say longer if you do not like crowds. We are NOT parked near the show itself as we like it less crazy.

Movie Night Under The Stars

Movie Night Under The Stars

We will be having movie nights on our big 11 foot by 9 foot outdoor movie screen, weather permitting of course.

We’ll be doing a pot luck dinner at least one night.

Bon fires and get togethers. (Please bring wood)

Quadcopter demos. Bring your own RC craft and join in on the flying fun.

Anyone that has a craft they’d like to share, maybe we can do that as well.

Oh, if you play a guitar or something, maybe we can do campfire music jams or sing alongs.

We park, in the free BLM area, on the northern side of Quartzsite. About 5 miles north on route 95 is Plomosa Road. Turn east onto Plomosa Rd (right if you are coming from Quartzsite, left from Parker). Then drive about 2 miles in and on the left hand side you will see our sign for the Outside Our Bubble group (near where the Montana 5th Wheelers meet). Turn left there and follow the road back to the Outside Our Bubble gathering.

Ok, Ok, here it is on Google Maps with the GPS location of where we will be. (we are in the desert, there is no “address”.)

Google Map of Location – Zoom out to see area and roads.

Not sure what the Quartzsite, AZ Show is like? Well…here’s a video we shot last year at Quartzsite of the big RV show and tent event.

Here we are parked in the desert…


The tent event is free.

The parking around the tent event and where we park in the desert is free.

Make sure you fill your fresh water tank and have empty black and grey tanks when you arrive. If need be, there is a place in town to dump and get fresh water if you plan on staying longer or if need be.

We dare you to find us! (Ok, maybe not “dare” you, but come join the fun.)

OOB Get-together:
When: Jan 14-17, 2016
Where: Quartzsite AZ – Plomosa Road – End of BLM camping area (Google Map of Location)
Why: Just for Kicks!
Bring: Firewood, Full Water Tank, Empty Gray and Black Tanks, Generator, snake bite kit (kidding) and Stories.

If looking to join us, please comment below.  We will then build a mailing list from the comments (Please verify your address) and use that list to keep everyone updated as we try to figure this out. This is NOT a professionally produced get-together, it is just for fun and what it will be is what it will be. :)

Hope to see you there!

Mercy Flight Visits Southwoods RV Resort

Posted on June 21st, 2015 by David.B

Mercy Flight of Western NY flew into Southwoods RV Resort yesterday, Saturday June 20, for a public visit.

Mercy Flight

Mercy Flight 5 at Southwoods











At first it really did not go as planned for as they were coming in, they got a call and made a hard left and exited the area as quickly as they came in. Below is the only image I was able to grab. Not to let down the crowd however, I flew the quadcoptor, the Helibott, around the landing area and then came down for a landing where Mercy Flight 5 was to land. Ok, so it was not as awe inspiring as Chopper 5 would have been…but at least I tried. When word came that they would not be able to make it back to the park, let’s just say that there were a lot of sad little faces. (Ok, I was sad.)

Mercy Flight banking to head to a call.

Mercy Flight banking to head to a call.











Brenda and I then headed out to a local Farmer’s Market.  No sooner did we arrive at the Farmer’s Market, we received a call that Mercy Flight said they would be able to head back and they were about 15 mins out. As we hung up the call, I looked to the sky to see Chopper 5 going across the horizon. I said to Brenda, they will be there before that…Let’s go.

So we arrived back to the park and we grabbed the Helibott again and went over to where they had landed. I spoke with the pilot and explained who I was and what I did, he had no issue with me flying for video footage of the visit. I of course would not be flying when they were going to depart and I would not have been flying when they were approaching for landing. Flying while an aircraft is in the air is NOT COOL and NOT SAFE and NOT LEGAL. So Fly Smart – Fly Safe.


The action around Chopper 5


The HelliBott getting the shot!


Mercy Flight 5

Kids being shown Chopper 5

Kids being shown Chopper 5


Back patient area of Chopper 5

Public is allowed closer inspection.

Public is allowed closer inspection.

So as the kids were being shown Mercy Flight 5 and the ins-and-outs of the helicopter being able to look through it and even sit in the seats, we flew! Hey, why miss a chance to make a video showing one of the best non-for-profit groups in the area as a way to thank them for all they do.

So Thank You Mercy Flight of Western NY and by that, I do not mean for the visit, but for doing a job where minutes count and lives are saved.


Something From Nothing – The Sequel

Posted on June 14th, 2015 by David.B

Something From Nothing - The Sequel
Ok, so it seems that the last video “Something From Nothing” was some kind of a success even though it was made from just test footage. We received so many emails and comments on the video that I thought I would try tossing together another one. So once again with not much going on, I decided to edit footage that I had from earlier that was not in wide open areas of the park, but wooded areas.


A little note on the Phantom quadcoptor. The DJI Phantom Vision 2+ is a quadcoptor that requires a GPS lock to fly without too much issue. Once that GPS lock is gone, like under trees, it is a totally different machine to fly, as it can not just ‘stop’ when you take your fingers off the sticks. It actually will try to go back to where it “thinks” it is.  So, well, quite a different experience and not for anyone new to flying should try. Note…the new version of the Phantom, the DJI Phantom 3, overcomes this with a downward facing camera that can also track the ground for movement and adjust.

BTW…Brenda did not know I was editing this and making this post. Surprise babe. :)

With that said, I now present  “Something From Nothing – The Sequel”.

Something From Nothing

Posted on June 3rd, 2015 by Brenda.B

Something From Nothing


Let’s just say, you never know what you’re going to get.

What I mean by that is simply this…

Sitting here at a mostly empty Southwoods RV Resort during the mid-week. Having boredom set in as we’ve been sitting here in one spot for so long. The following conversation took place.


David proclaimed…Let’s Go!

To which I replied, to do what?

Fly of course.



Umm…Dear…there’s nothing here to shoot right now.

Ahh….but there is! A sunset and us in a mostly empty RV park. Come on, fly with me.

Umm…again, sounds thrilling. What will you do with the footage?

No idea, but let’s fly!

So from all raw footage taken from our little Phantom quadcopter, we proudly present, our boredom video titled…

Something From Nothing (As it was made all from test footage.)

(It’s amazing what David can come up with out of nothing.)