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2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP – Now Ordered!

Our Order for a Tiffin 45LP Allergo Bus

Our Order for a Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus













As a lot of you know, we ran into major issues with a coach we ordered that arrived so poorly that we did not take delivery. (Read about it HERE if you are not up to speed.) We will not harp on this however and will focus on what has been much to long in coming… The ordering of a new coach, and thus our new home!

After all our searching, visiting, reading, and talking with others, we narrowed down our choice to three companies… Tiffin, Newmar, and Entegra.  It is good to note that each of them had coach versions in the price range we wanted to be in.  Of course they all have pros and cons and as such, our choice surely does not fit all and surely will vary among buyers.

The title of this post of course gives away whom we went with after this long search and many talks with many manufacturers.  Tiffin Motorhomes!  Their are many reasons for this choice, but it really came down to only a few key reasons in the end.  First…Floor plan.  Second…The company.  Third…Feeling at home. And by that we mean not only in the coach, but with the company.

Tiffin 45LP Floor Plan

Tiffin 45LP Floor Plan

FLOOR PLAN… Of the three companies we were considering, Tiffin was the only one that had a floor plan that fit our lifestyle and that we could somewhat modify slightly to make it fit even better.  If you want to really be able to do some custom work, seek out Newmar, however, for us, their floor plans had kitchens and bathrooms that were too small.  Entegra will not change a thing and had the most limited floor plans and storage of the three.  Tiffins 45LP has the best use of space and offered us the most storage inside as well as in the cargo area.

Tiffin did look to help us make some slight changes to the coach, but needed to be careful in what they said they could do based on not wanting to disrupt production.  We do totally understand this and we can appreciate the fine balance they walk in wanting to be able to please the customer, but at the same time not hurting overall production. We were told however, that when are coach is being built, if they are able to make some changes while in production, they will try as they do not like to use the word “no”.  But some changes have already been OK’ed ahead of time.  So we are off to a good start.

Tiffin_LogoCOMPANY… In thinking about the company, there’s no company that made us feel more at home, more welcome, and whom went more out of their way to talk with us than the Tiffin Motorhome Corporation. This is not something we say lightly mind you. We visited a lot of manufacturers and did followup calls during the past four months. (Has it really been that long?) It was the Tiffin company that seemed to really care about the questions we were asking, that listened to our needs and requests, and actually talked to us, in length, about what they could or could not do in regards to our needs.  Yes we were told that somethings could not be done, however before they would say that, they did take the time to look into it first.  And because of that, we have no problem being told no as they came up with the reasons.

The Tiffin Family

The Tiffin Family

We not only met with the national sales director who was, and is, a great help during these talks, but a number of the Tiffin family members including the Founder Mr. Bob Tiffin himself who sat down with us for a chat. Not only that, we happened to run into Mr. Tiffin in Santa Fe, NM  two months later as we were walking around Old Town and he remembered us and we continued the conversation.


The Tiffin company is more than just about the Tiffin family members themselves, but more about the “Tiffin Family” in the sense of the workers. Their is so much pride given to the product that we had seen first hand during our factory visit that helped to make our choice to choose Tiffin to build our new home. As we walked through, we were not only seeing happy workers, we were greeted by many of them even as they were working the line.  As such, we were made to feel at home.

FEELING AT HOME… The third reason we mentioned we chose Tiffin was the at home feeling and as mentioned above, that started with the Tiffin company itself.  Everyone was great as we walked the plant and offices during our visit.  We were even asked if we wanted to go to lunch to chat more.  Of course we did, who wouldn’t, and it was the first time we had the pleasure of trying fried green tomatoes. A company going out of it’s way to make you feel welcome, is just amazing to say the least. We truly feel that if we ever have an issue that they will care as much as they did when the coach was built.  After all, we have the pride of an entire town behind us.  The town of Red Bay, Alabama.


















The above few shots does not really tell the story. But the feeling of being at home inside the 45LP is what was the final reason we made the choice. Out of all the coaches we looked at. Out of all the manufacturers.  The TIffin’s had the floor plans that gave us the “at home” feeling we were seeking.  The 45LP feels more like a high end NY apartment than a coach. We say NY apartment only because of the size. (Ok, that was an attempt at a joke.)  But really, it gave us the feeling of an actual home.  It was warm, welcoming, and very functional in space and features.  And yes, we will need to make some changes to make it fit us just a little bit better.  But not a lot of them. And Tiffin did say they would help where they could.

So in closing… Whom did we end up ordering from? After talking with several Tiffin dealers, we choose to go with Davis Motorhome in Memphis, TN. We worked directly with Mr. Danny Davis himself though the ordering process.  Not only did he make it a very simple process, he was clearly the most upfront, direct to the point dealer we spoke with. We did not need to go back and forth to work out a deal.  He did the best thing he ever could do with us…He offered us his best offer right from the start. To us, that said a lot. We look forward to working with Davis Motorhome. If looking for a Tiffin, give Danny a ring and tell him we said hello.

We also are very much looking forward to returning to Red Bay and the Tiffin company for the build process of our new home. We will be there every step of the way, learning, laughing, making new friends, and feeling as part of the family as our new home takes form. To all at Tiffin…we will see you in February and look very much forward to becoming part of the family.

To all our readers, thank you for all your notes of support.  Your thoughts and prayers.  And mostly for just being with us on this journey.   We, of course, look forward to bringing you the build process from start to finish and updates even before that.

38 thoughts on “2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP – Now Ordered!

  1. Eric Snyder

    Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy the new Allegro Bus! Please keep us posted how it all goes. And, don’t forget, the fresh scent of Eucalyptus Shower Mist keeps a motor home smelling great!!

        1. David Post author

          We are going to be doing something different. Same design, as they will not change that, but the paint will be changed some as we are going for more of a clean lines look. So that is still to be reveled!


    Hi Dave, we will be in RB on Dec 9 to watch the build of our BUS 40 QBP. We are trading in our great Phaeton 40 QBH 2011, with 11500 mi..
    We looked at many other coaches at the Hershey PA show and none, in our opinion had the WOW factor that Tiffin does. One thing that I’ve read over the years on the forum, is that there are many small business that can add a custom touch to our coaches.
    No coach is perfect, but the Tiffin’s, with there service after the sale, is close to it.
    This will be our 4 th coach since 2005. Couldn’t afford to by our last coach 1st.

  3. Jay

    Congrats to you guys! So you fell under the Tiffin Spell. As we’ve discussed at great length, not only is Tiffin Motor Homes and Bob Tiffin unique in the MH industry, they are pretty unique in business. Every small business can learn a lot from these folks. I know I did.

    The floor plan is a home run as evidenced by the TVRN members posting on the Forum. Joanne and I agree about the homey feeling, which you experienced in our 42LP. That said, I’m jealous that you have the walk in closet.

    See you in February and I’ll bring the kool-aid.

  4. Jennifer Nealy

    Congratulations!! Deas and I were just drooling over the 2014 Buses a couple of days ago – I think you made an excellent choice. I can’t wait to hear more about it as you go through the process and I really can’t wait until you get to move in! We may be heading to Red Bay ourselves early next year, so maybe we’ll end up there at the same time as you.

    1. David Post author

      Hi…Yes, very excited as I think you can see in the photo of us holding the order. :) We should be their in February and would love to meet up. And of course show off the coach if we have it. :)

  5. Linda

    Whew…bet you feel great to have that decision over with! Your new home looks fabulous and Tiffin sounds like a truly great company to work with! Once you get it…don’t dent it cracking a bottle of champaign to christen it…lol.

    I am very happy for you both!
    Love and hugs…

  6. Dave

    I think you made a great choice,, but we have been Tiffin owners for 7 years and just bought a 42LH which is very close to your floor plan so we are partial LOL!! And you are right,, it feels very comfortable. And Tiffin is a stand up company for sure or we would not have just bought a second one.

  7. Jim Gordon

    Congratulations David and Brenda. We are really happy for you. We know your searching for a coach has been very exhaustive (and exhausting?) and you came to the same conclusion we did – the Allegro Bus 45LP. Just shows how incisive and intelligent you are! :-)

  8. Howard Hammerman

    Congrats David and Brenda! You made the right decision. We bought our 2007 new at the Hershey show in Sept. 2006 (traded in a Winnebago) and have been happy since. We have been to RB twice. I have a list of about 30 firms in and around RB that do customization. The best for electronics is Brannon Hutcheson, 256-668-0973. The best carpenter is Chris Berry 256-810-4707. And when you get a scrape on your beautiful new coach take it to Red Bay Body Shop 256-356-9320. We have been living in the coach (40′ Phaeton) full time since 2011 and have renovated it twice since we bought it. There is a Tiffin get-together in Sarasota, FL the end of February. It would be great if you could get there. One more point: Certain things will go wrong; they always do. It is a large, complex machine. The great thing about Tiffin is that they will stand behind the product well after the legal warranty period. Tiffin picked up the bill for repairs to our water compartment six years after purchase. When something goes wrong, call Tiffin. They will walk you through the steps to repair it. Best of luck!

  9. paul dunbar

    I think in fairness comparing the allegro bus to the tour is not fair.AB is more unit by far so one should expect more.Also I have been in RV sales and I would never have the patience to deal with people like you
    you are far from reasonable and winni knows/saw this
    your what we call a PITA.I own allegro bus and there FAR FAR from perfect let me tell you.I looked at a 45 and had a list of at least 10 things that were not up to snuff
    I have this funny feeling your will drive Tiffin crazy by the time your warrenty is done

    1. David Post author

      Hi Paul…

      Thanks for your feedback. The cost of the Bus vs the Tour is about $20K difference so it should be in the same league and thus can be compared. If it was $50K+ difference, then yes, I would agree.

      Seeing you were in the RV sales, than it may be good to note that the dealer never had an issue and stood behind us in regards to all that took place. As far as being reasonable, well, yes. I reasonably expect things to be built correctly. When you have cabinets not connected to the floor and a wall panel held up by seam tape, among other things, one would not reasonably expect that.

      I don’t disagree with you that all coaches may have issues off the line. (Such a shame really.) Been there myself with our current coach. We talked a long time with Tiffin, even informing them of what took place with the other order, they were up front in saying that they may not be perfect all the time, but they surely would stand behind it. We will be on site for the build of our 45LP and are looking forward to the experience.

      Also I do not disagree with you that Winnebago may have chosen that it might be better for them to not have us as an owner. That was their choice. Based on all the feedback and emails to this day from other owners, I am actually very happy we did not just choose to accept it and live with it.

      Oh, in regards to the list you have on the 45LP, please be so kind to use the contact us part of the site if you care to let us know so we can be sure to look into it or watch for it! Thanks!

      Thank you again for your comment.

  10. joette lookabaugh

    Wow! We have been struggling with the decision we loved the Winnebago Ellipse but it just didn’t have the kitchen cabinet space, we LOVED the Entegra Cornerstone but the floorplan was awkward, the Revolution American Coach had very little hanging space. The Tiffin 45lp just keeps coming out on top. We want to order one now and are looking for a dealer that will help. Think we’ll give Davis a call. Wondered why you went with table and chairs instead of a booth. for the dinette.

    1. David Post author


      We went with the table and chairs as we are not booth people. The booth is fixed and can not be moved and the table and chairs can be expanded for 4 or keep for 2 leaving more space. Seeing we are two people, we would rather have the space and expand when/if needed.

      Davis has been great to work with. Tell them we said hello!

  11. Wm. and Cate Anderson


    Many thanks for all your posting and information. We have been considering a 2015 Entegra Anthem but are intrigued with the 45 Bus. Did you have a chance to test drive both? How was the road noise and drivability? We have only driven the Anthem and it was very quiet. If the Bus is close or equal, we might just switch over and get one like yours!

    1. David Post author


      We also looked at the Anthem just so you are aware. We did not drive either coach. Why? Simple (well at least to me), I did not want to be able to say that coach X drove better than coach Y or coach Z. Also seeing we are coming from our Tour Master, 42 foot non-tag with solid front end and noise, anything we will be an improvement! Driving is of course part of the experience, but I do not put most of the weight in the purchase choice in that. You are parked most of the time, as such you want to be sure you have a coach that has your needs for living. The Anthem did not have that for us as we found it to dark and also smaller on the inside as well as with storage. In the 45LP, it feels like an apartment.

      With that said however, that does not mean I did not talk to people owners and lookers alike. Tiffins PowerGlide system seems to get highest marks for drive and comfort I am happy to say. (3 people, one of which has owned 10 coaches, 4th Tiffin, has said the 45LP it drives the best of anything have driven or owned. “It feels more like a luxury car” was the comment.)

      So if driving is of importance, I suggest to be sure to get yourself into a 45LP for a test drive before you pull the trigger on something with such a dollar amount. But keep in mind the rest of the coach and the company you are buying from.

      1. Wm and Cate Anderson

        Thanks David, good points re: livability vs. driving since most time is parked.

        I really like the Tiffin interior — it’s hands down better than the Entegra. The only thing that gives us pause are the complaints about windshields popping out and cracks in one piece slides.

        Have you gotten comfort that Tiffin is beyond these fundamental issues? If there continues to be frame flex problems, then that’s a deal killer for me. On the other hand, if they have solves these, I would seriously consider canceling my Entegra order and getting in line. Thanks

        1. David Post author


          In regards to the cracks in the the one piece slides, I am only aware of 2 of these. In looking into it, 1) I think that the slide was just brought in to far, and 2) Tiffin has already reinforced the seam area as a precaution. I looked over our boxes and was shown the enhanced areas. I feel very good about it. Remember, these have been in use in read world testing for 2 years now. Some Phantons had them and they are also used in the Breeze. (Though a small slide and not hydraulic movement.)

          You are the second person I had heard mention a window and you do not even own one. :) The other person did not own one either and was reporting what he had read. So I really am not sure about this one. I have to think, seeing they have a lot of these out their now, we would be reading more about it. I will have to inquire about it though as now you have me wondering. :)

  12. Mike & Shirley McKeown

    Thanks for your informative blog and great video & pics. We are awaiting our build schedule from TI currently for our AB 45 LP– this will be our 3rd coach (other 2 being Fleetwood & American Coach). We bought at FL Supershow in Jan 14 through LazyDayz…decided on Tiffin for the same reasons you mentioned in you blog…..thanks again for all your time & effort in putting out this info. Hope we can meet some day at TI Rally to personally thank you. Congrats on your 45 LP.
    Mike & Shirley, Monticello, AR.
    ps. Planning to be on RB for some of our coach build soon.

    1. David Post author

      Congrats! And you will very much enjoy the build process. Though it can be very exhausting. Ok, maybe that is just us with all the running around for the video etc. ;) Yes, hope to be able to meet you as well as others that have reached out. Maybe we should have an OutsideOurBubble rally. LOL

  13. John Tasselmyer

    One more reason to own Tiffin, their Tech Library. No one else comes close to providing links and technical information online. It’s an education just studying this information. I found their Library while researching a relative’s Prevost (Marathon coach) problem. To a technician, I can appreciate the time and effort needed to post this type of information, so it is just another example of employee pride.

  14. John

    Wow I was just looking for a quality comparison between Tiffin and Wennebago. My research says Tiffin is quality and a assumed Wennebago would be the same or better. An eye opener I’m willing to pay a premium if I’m getting the best. Wennebago is off my list

    1. David.B Post author

      Hello…You must not have looked around much. :) We show the build process, a full walk through, a talk about being onsite for the build, a one year followup, and a second year follow up. :)

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