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Attention 2014+ Tiffin Owners – Something Soon To Come…

Hummm...Really? Is this actually happening? Whats going on?

Hummm…Really? Is this actually happening?

Oh my, what is Whisper so excited about with what is going on behind him? What are these two guys doing? Why are they smiling so much? Why are they so out of focus? (Oh, wait, that’s the wine making for that issue.) Ok, so maybe Whisper is more annoyed that we are keeping him up as the action in the background seems like it may be out of control or something. (Again…the wine.) But really, what is going on in the background and what is David holding that makes for all the smiles?

These are questions that will soon be answered that should make a lot of 2014 or newer Tiffin owners very happy. It has been over a year in development and Michael Kidd ( and David, both techies, are very excited to be revealing all the work very soon. So, what is it? What can it be? Let’s just say, stay tuned and be ready to control yourself when the time comes.

39 thoughts on “Attention 2014+ Tiffin Owners – Something Soon To Come…


        That’s Awesome!!!

        I Really Love The Layout Especially The Cordovan High Gloss Woodwork with The Vanilla Bean Interior and The Almost Light Creme Leatherette L-Shape Sofa and Chairs…

        Lastly, I Sure Hope This Surprise From Our Hosts of Out Side Our Bubble is Something In The Way of a Way To Control Everything From an iPad or Smart Device… Something That Several of The Other RV Mfg’s are Doing… But Time Will Tell.

        Thanks For Your Post… Makes Me Feel A Whole Lot Better About My Findings and Decision…

    1. Vicki

      As I compose this, my husband and I are having our 2nd 36LA built. We wavered between the 36 LA and the 34 PA, only to go with something a little different, but the 36 floor plan can’t be beat. Hope you get the one that fits you best.


        Thanks Vickie, I Really Appreciate Your Input!!!

        I’ve Been Going Back and Forth For Sometime Regarding Tiffin’s Other Floor Plans But I Have Finally Made Up My Mind on the 36LA !!!!

        I Am Planning on Taking The Advice of Our Hosts Here (They Both Have Been a Huge Help in Many Ways) and Plan on Going To and Watch Tiffin Build My Coach with Some of My Own Creative Ideas.

        I Will Keep You All Posted on The Outcome….


        This Blog Here Has Saved Me Many Headaches with Knowledge from Loving People and I Personally Want To Thank Them and All of You For Your Insight and Support… God Bless You All…!!!!

  1. Kevin Nelson

    Ok here I sit at Camp Red Bay finishing up our warranty work in our 2015. What could it be free unlimited data? Live webcams during your build….But what is different with the 2014+.

        1. David.B Post author

          Yes, actually a few know as we were at the Tiffin Service center for testing on verious coaches and was also looking for feedback showing what we had. We hope to reveal it this coming week. We need to get a web site and a few other things done.


            Thank You David…

            At Least I Appreciate Your Very Nice Update and Time Frame…

            Getting Excited, Especially Since I Will Be a FIRST TIME Buyer and Owner of a New 2016 or 2017 Tiffin Allegro.

            I Am Also Waiting On The 2017 Models Information and Photos To Be Released Before I Make My Final Decision On What Year I Will Buy…

            I Sure Wish They (Tiffin) Would Give Us Their Updated Versions for 2017 Real Soon!!!

            Thanks Again For Your Update…

            Have A Super Fantastic Day!!!

              1. FREEDOM QUEST WY LLC

                I Don’t Really Want To Wait That Long Unless There Are Some New, Exciting and/or Real Techiie Items That Will Be Added To The Newer Model’s That The 2016 Do Not Have…

                Do You Know If There Are Any Changes Worth Noting?

                1. David.B Post author

                  The major changes are likely in 2018 not 2017. They do always do things, but if it is worth the wait is another matter. I am not aware of anything special. If you wait and it is nothing major, you can then buy a 2016 likely for less money. After all, if you wanted a 2017, you would not get it until aug or sept if my bet.

  2. Steven Warman

    When is that new website coming. I want to know what I can control and how much of my money you are going to take. Wife wants Nest like thermostat control.

    1. David.B Post author

      Sorry to inform your wife that the Nest is a home thermostat and can not control the items used in a motor coach. Sigh. I know that better climate control systems are coming down the line for coaches, but they really are not here yet or I surely would be in line. We are almost done with the site and loved the comment on what it will cost you. :) People that meet me or read the site usually ends up costing them. ;)


        Please keep us posted on the website and your launch of whatever you will be offering…

        Waiting as patiently as I can… I am sure it’s going to be good of what I have read on your opinions, advice and youtube videos…

        1. David.B Post author

          Worked all day on the site today. We are doing this this all ourselves and not hiring it out, so it is taking more time. Sorry!


            Thanks again David for your reply.

            No apology needed. I totally understand that certain things take time, especially websites – been there done that.

            However as long as it takes, I will hang in there and will be here when ready.

            Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

            Any other hints?

            Penny for your thoughts :)

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