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Bott-Lott CampJam 2016

                We are getting set to say “So Long, See Ya Later” to our friends here at Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY. Everything is packed away for the winter and we are set to pull out of here in a couple days. So what does one do to say Good-bye to friends? Well, most would get together one last time, whether it be for dinner or drinks around the campfire. Well we do something a little different and throw a “Bott-Lott” CampJam. What’s a CampJam you ask? Well….we gathered some of our friends and family and threw a party, on our site of course, where we have live music and others can come in a play some. It’s all in great fun.   So the Jello shots were made. The campfire was masterfully tended to by our friend Mark… Thanks Mark! Making sure everyone stayed nice and toasty with the campfire and the Jello shots :) The band played for hours. Everyone had a great time. David had a blast joining the band playing his Cajon. He’s really talented at it and loves the opportunities that he has found to play around the country. On a side note…you can join us in Quartzsite, AZ this year (no charge) for OOBerFest 2017 and see for yourself as David plays along side the...

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Bott Lott Improvements….Granite Fire Pit

Out with the old and in with the new. That’s how the saying goes. For us it was just a matter of preference. You see, when we built the Bott Lott all we had available was a standard fire ring. A small old car rim that was the standard campfire ring for the campground and that just wasn’t what we wanted. Sure we tried to dress it up with rocks around the outside but it was still too small for our taste. We would prefer to have a nice, large fire pit. In this case, size does matter ;) To be able to stack a bunch of wood in there and just let it go for hours is great! No…I will not start singing, “Let It Go” here. I will not do that to you. So David started his search. At first we thought, why not just get a tractor tire rim? That would be big enough. And let’s face it, the campground that we have our seasonal site at is in the middle of all these farmer’s fields. So finding one shouldn’t be an issue. But then the wheels kept turning in David’s head. See what I did there…wheels turning :) Ha! He scoured the web and found this really awesome company, Earth Stones, Inc, that recycles granite from countertops and such and makes rounded blocks out of them, for giant...

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Building Of The “Bott-Lott”

OK…So we all have our idea of what an ideal site is. Whether it’s on the beach, in the woods or on a hilltop overlooking a valley. They are all nice in their own respect. We like them all depending on the area we are in. For us, in NY, our ideal site would be a quiet end row site in a wooded area, though with an opening so not to block our Dish Network access, not a lot of kids near by, and nothing behind us but open or wooded land. Oh, and of course, good Wi-Fi. Is that asking for too much? I did say our ideal site, which would be in an ideal world. But alas. We always find ourselves coming back to our roots, Rochester, NY. This is where our family, friends and doctors are. So every summer we return and were lucky enough that we found Southwoods RV Resort. You see, we also are very grateful (an understatement) as they offered to build us a seasonal site so that we may come back every year. Yes, I said, “Build us a seasonal site”. Why? Well we guess it was their way of being able to give back to us for what we did for them and the guests of their park. Read on. It all started last year (2014) when we found Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY. We needed a place to stay while...

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The New York Steam Engine Show And Tractor Pull

New York has a very large Steam Engine Association. Who knew?! The association was formed in 1960 to promote and encourage interest in the operation, ownership and preservation of antique vehicles powered by steam, kerosene or gasoline. They have over 100 acres of property near Canandaigua, New York and this steam show and tractor pull is put on every year. The campground owner of Southwoods RV Resort, where our seasonal site is located, enjoys a good tractor pull and he has been to this one several times as it is only an hour from Southwoods. He thought we would enjoy it as we had never been to one and it has a steam engine museum and antique tractors on display. So we decided to get outside our bubble and see what a tractor pull was all about. First off, the steam engines were pretty cool. The Allis Chalmers Corliss Steam Engine (located in the museum building) in the above left hand picture is pretty interesting. The flywheel is 12-feet in diameter and its calculated weight is about 9.2 tons. To run the engine at full load, a 300-HP boiler is required. The engine’s maximum speed is 150 RPM. The engine is coupled to a 2300-volt, 60 Hz (cycles per second), three-phase alternator with 50-amp output per phase. A 125-volt, d-c exciter sits behind the alternator and beside the steam...

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What Have We Been Up To?

  So…It’s been a while. What have we been up to? Well…as you may or may not know, we have been working hard on the Bott Lott (spelling intended). It’s taking longer than expected as we have had an unusual amount of rain this Spring and Summer. So as you know with any construction project, rain delays happen.   We will be doing a full blog entry on the Bott Lott once we have things done and we can finally come up for air. David has been working right along side the construction team, Mike and Bill, to get this lot finished. He’s been having a lot of fun along the way learning how to drive the various equipment. He now knows how to drive the high lift, dump truck, dozer and roller and he’s learning the backhoe. Boys and their toys. He always has a big smile on his face when he’s driving one of these beasts.   And when David is outside working hard in the 90+ degree days in the sun, you can see the cats are doing their part inside. Rotten cats that they are (I say sarcastically). Taking naps in the air conditioning. What a tough life we have made for them.           David did take a note from the cats and has found the perfect two trees to hang...

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