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Have A Verizon Unlimited Plan? You Could Loose It!

verizon_2015_logo_detailIf you have not yet heard, and are lucky enough to have a Verizon Unlimited Data Plan (UDP), that Verizon is at it again. What? Huh? Say it is not so…Well, it is….sort of.

Our friends over at Technomadia reported quickly, as they usually do, about information they received on how Verizon is looking to again drop users that have UDP’s. But unless you are a extreme user, 100Gig+ so it seems, then it seems you will be OK. But for those that use it for all TV, Music, and Movies, then you just may be in that 100+ data use area. (It can add up very quickly when streaming.)

TMlogoSo I do not need to repeat the information provided, I will say if you are not aware of Technomadia, you should be.  They are the best source when it comes to data on the road and have a dedicated site just for it…

Here is what they reported … CLICK HERE

It is good to know there is a way to extend your contract another year while keeping your UDP. We used the method provided by Technomadia and was able to extend our contract. Please note however, to find out how to do this, you do need to subscribe to their RV Mobile Internet site and it may be well worth doing so if you at all rely on data on the road. IMHO, it is also good that they did not make method public as then Verizon may be flooded with calls and close down the loophole. So please do not ask me how to do it. :)

But Dave, you are a techie guy we turn to!?!?!?  Ya, Ya, but it is not what I do for a living and while I am happy to help with items like Making A Better Connection and other RV related items, they do mobile data all the time and have the connections in the industry to get information fast. And this IS what they do. Seeing we are both techie RV’er people, we became virtual friends having even met them once on the road in Quartzsite. Here is a video flight I did when we met for the first time showcasing their vintage bus. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Have A Verizon Unlimited Plan? You Could Loose It!

  1. Ronald Hiemann

    Verizon has made it clear this action will apply to those users who do consistently pull down well above 100 GB per month. That is a lot of data the average user will not even come close to.
    We are fulltimers conducting business from our bus. Thus, we need Internet 24/7. We also stream a couple of HD movies every week from Amazon prime. We have only once exceeded 100 GB during the past couple of years. Usully, we average 50-80 GB per month. So I think the average user has nothing to worry about and your article is creating unnecessary fear.

    1. David.B Post author

      Thanks for your thought on it and your input. I for one would rather know about this than not know about it as I have NO IDEA who may or may not of our readers fall in to this area. I know of at least 6 people that do over 100 gig every month. More and more people use devices for TV/Movie watching, lets run the numbers…Just talking Netflix, per Netflix if you stream HD video it uses 3GB per hour, and 7GB per hour in UHD. So if you stream Netflix for 4 hours a day from your phone at only HD you would use 12 GB per day which would amount to 360 GB per month. This does not even account for other normal uses such as surfing, email, etc. 100GB per month is really not that much at all if you use the service as such. I can say that RV’ers do stream. :) So, IMHO, I really do not this this is “unnecessary fear”. It is a good heads up!

  2. Jaye

    I have been with Verizon since the Alltel merge and am grandfathered in on my broadband. I have unlimited access and min. As long as I do not renew my contract I am good. Which I have not done in years. When my last card went, they sent a new one and kept the deal in place. Awesome!

    1. Bill

      I may be wrong and I thought this change was to the old grandfathered contracts. Since you are no longer on contract neither is Verizon and they can change the terms at their will. My Att old ( since the iPhone introduction) “unlimited” phones. Are limited to 22 gb with no throttle then after that “may” be throttled if in a congested cell site
      Am I wrong that Verizon is talking about the old grandfathered plans ?

  3. Steve

    Unlimited data it seems will forever be a unicorn! We tried the Karma go earlier this year, and got caught up in that debacle. Perhaps one day, truly unlimited data will rear it’s precious head :D

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