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Introducing CoachProxy for Tiffin Motorhomes

Well the time has finally come to reveal what we have been working on for some time now for our fellow Tiffin motorhome owners or soon to be owners. CoachProxy!  Large_Logo.glow

CoachProxy is a simple, intelligent interface for operating your coach from any web browser, whether that’s your Phone, Tablet or Computer and is capable of doing this from anywhere you may be, on any number of devices! Items such as lights, shades, heated floors, and vents to name a few. It can also alert you to things such as your tank levels getting to high or maybe your batteries too low.


CoachProxy was developed along with our friends Michael and Lehnanne Kidd from They are fellow full-timers who own a new 2016 45OP Allegro Bus. We have spent over a year on this idea and are so excited to bring it to you as it is something that we felt was missing from such a wonderful motorhome coach line.


We set out to develop a product that fills this need at a low price point that was quick and simple. We do not pretend to be like systems you may have seen in other motorhomes, nor did we ever set out to be. While we surely would love to be able to take control of everything, we can only control what is on the Spyder Controls Multiplex System in the 2014 and newer Tiffin Motorhomes.

I will not get too much into it here as we have developed an entire site where you can find information on it. We even have a quick video that was shot, in typical David and Brenda style, on a whim with Michael and David. You know, it was one of those…”Hey, lets make a video” and Brenda grabbed the camera and we were off without a script or even knowing where we would go with it. All in all, it was something fun to do while at the Tiffin Service Center.

We hope you like CoachProxy and that you may care to have one of your own. Even if you don’t, we surely hope you will share this with other Tiffin owners by any means you may have. Be if Facebook, Twitter, community forums, email, US Mail (yeah right), or even around a campfire as you pull out your phone and say…”Hey, watch this!” as you light up your coach.


The video is on the site, but of course we would not be us unless we posted it here…

33 thoughts on “Introducing CoachProxy for Tiffin Motorhomes

  1. Keith Landers

    Man – That is sooooo Cool. Great job guys… I think you are going to have a very strong market for this product. We have been investigating retrofiting the same thing on our 12 American Eagle 42M. IMHO the Crestron system connected to the Silverleaf platform has a lot to be desired… Again, Great Idea and Congratulations

    1. Rudy Dostal

      Looks pretty cool – I’m a geek at heart and have retrofitted as much as I can on on my own with OEM types of parts i have a ’13 Zephyr with the Spyder Control system – the Spyder folks referred me to you all – I won’t have all the functionality as I still ahve a few toggle switches but lighting fans, locks etc are all on the Spyder system. Can this work with mine though its a 13?

      1. David.B Post author

        Hi….You will want to send a message via the Contact form on and see if Michael would. The issue is that they did not standardize control codes until 2015 and thus it is likely that a 2013 would have completely different codes. As such, all the codes would need to be mapped and have a special config just for that coach. So updates etc would be much more difficult for us for that CoachProxy unit.

  2. Dreaming

    Hubby is sleeping. But, I bet the minute I show this to him, he’s gonna want one! More so since it is snowing and he keeps trudging out to the barn to make sure the little Bus-ter” is warm enough!
    You mention that both your phone and bus need to be connected to the Internet. Does the Coach Proxy act as its own router, or does it need to go through one?

    1. David.B Post author

      Hi…You can either connect to it directly with your phone using it’s own SSID or you can have CoachProxy connect to your own Wi-Fi router that would be providing the Internet connection. In doing that you can reach it from your own network directly or from anywhere.

      So no, it is not a router but it can connect wirelessly to one in order to use it. Hope that makes sense.


    David and Michael, Bravo, Well Done!!!

    Because of your technology; The CoachProxy, you have helped me sealed the deal by making my dreams come true.

    Why? BECAUSE you will help every owner who has a 2014 and newer Tiffin Motorhome, along with all future year models make life so much easier and enjoyable… all from a flip of a switch on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Looking Forward To Purchasing My Very First Class A Motorhome From Tiffin That Also Has Your CoachProxy Included.

  4. Mark Duckworth

    Tiffins use a proprietary multiplex? Wow I thought for sure pretty much everyone was using RV-CANbus by 2010 or so. Very cool stuff. Right now I am playing with the old Intellitec multiplex system in my Foretravel. I’ve more or less got it figured out from dissecting the patents. Once upon a time I built a home automation system on a SheevaPlug (the great granddaddy of the Pi). It ran in C# on ASP.Net MVC (mono). Once it got started it ran well but it took a while to get started. I used a Jeelink radio to interface with custom AVR/RFM12 radios around the house and pool. In the end it ran the pump scheduling of my pool which was based on calculated flow rate as the filter slowly clogged intead of specific hours per day. Also controlled values for solar, hot tub, and other bits. Learned an awful lot about electronics prototyping, that’s for sure! Very very very cool stuff you guys are working on. Remember the most compelling thing about any system like this is also the most boring to code. The UI.

    1. David.B Post author

      Hi Mark…Yes, it runs over the RVC bus and is not proprietary code. Just needed to decode it all. “Remember the most compelling thing about any system like this is also the most boring to code. The UI.” You have that SO RIGHT! Hundreds of hours of coding.

      1. Mark Duckworth

        I literally know exactly what you guys are going through :-P It really looks great! I am using a similar Material theme package now because I just can’t design to save my life :-P You’re doing what I only dreamed of back in the day. Most of the products in this sector have pretty whackadoo pricing so I bet you guys stand a real good chance of OEMing for Tiffin. If you guys ever get to Florida by all means get in touch, I’d love to talk your ear off again.

        1. David.B Post author

          We wanted to be sure it could price it so that anyone who may like to take control, could. If we could not do that, it would not be worth the time. At $399 with true plug and control, I think we did well.

    1. David.B Post author

      We are currently open for beta and after we feel good about it we will make it available for $399. Hope you liked that price and you were maybe thinking it would be higher.

    1. David.B Post author

      Really? It may look like a different panel, but still could be. I had really thought they were from 2014 on in one form or another. But sure…Upgrade away, Tiffin would like that. ;)

  5. Diane

    I love this! When we get our next Tiffin…..(currently we own a 2013). Question…I did not see a security lock out to keep someone from using their cell phone to access your coach. Did I miss it in the video?

    1. David.B Post author

      We had ben using the it, so when he connected, the password was already in the phone for the Wi-Fi. Also there will be a password to enter to get into it that can be stored in the browser so you will not need to use that again unless you clear it.

  6. Marty

    Very nice and hopefully this will drag RV OEM’s into the 21st century! I have a 2016 Allegro 36LA. Not as feature rich as some of the 2016 Tiffin diesel pushers but it is on the Spyder control system. Retiring in July so plan to do some extended trips very soon. Will definitely be contacting you re participating in the Beta program.

  7. Bill


    Will you be able to create macros or scenes so you can hit one button and execute multiple settings?

    Awesome product – signed up for beta – hope we get select. Thanks

    1. David.B Post author

      It is on the planning board for sure. Right now we are woking on being sure the general controls are worked out, making sure we have stable Wi-Fi, and then making control interface screens for each of the models. (That is a lot of work alone.) But the best part is CoachProxy is able to do such things and can be upgraded. We just need to get to the point we can start working on other ideas.

  8. David Kuklinski

    Now if you can add AV & TV control to the UI that would be awesome. I could then finally get rid of all those remotes. Great job on the development.

    1. David.B Post author

      Until you realize that if you have to replace the TV and do not get the same brand that you then no longer can control it. Or you want to add something new to your sources like a Roku or something and also then realize you can not control it for you can not add it to the interface. Then where are you? I can tell you…you are suck needing to come back to us to do custom programming and that does not come cheep. This is a large issue, IMHO, for coaches that have such controls. This comes from a guy who made his living in the A/V world. You would be much better off looking into a Harmony remote which can do it all and guilds you though setting it up or adding new devices.

      1. David Kuklinski

        Yes you are correct that there are too many options in the AV World to control. I have a harmony solution now which I need to finish programming. Can’t wait to when you ship the final product!

    1. David.B Post author

      As long as it has the Spyder control system in it…yes. And from when I understand, all new models do in one form or another.

  9. David Marston

    Ok, David and Michael!!!
    Another month has gone by and we all anxious and want the Coach Proxy!!! Any estimate as to when it will be released??? :-)

    2015 Phaeton 42LH

    1. David.B Post author

      Hi David…I have not looked, so sorry, but did you happen to sign up for the beta program? I ask for we are currently in beta and if you did, well, I can take a look to see if we need to fill a spot. Feel free to reach me back using the Contact US form. Thanks

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