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Join Us In Quartzsite, AZ In January

Our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus

Our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus

OK….So we’ve been to Quartzsite, Arizona a few times over the years. It’s an experience that we feel RVers should experience at least once in there adventures. Some people like to come year after year and make it a wintertime destination while others like to come once and they are done. When we go, we like to shop, eat and have lots of fun in the desert. With friends of course.

Because what’s Quartzsite without friends?

Certainly not as fun.

So we thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be fun to have an Outside Our Bubble group? We could have everyone circle our RV’s and share adventurers we have all had on the road. Heck, we can have pot-luck dinners, movie nights and bon fires. Here is our last post on Quartzsite for more information… CLICK HERE


Come one…

Come all…

To the very first ever, Outside Our Bubble get-together, ever, and it will be in Quartzsite, AZ this coming January (2016).

The big RV show in Quartzsite, AZ is being held January 16-24, 2016 and that is the time everyone comes to Quartzsite.  And remember, the show is FREE! (And so is parking in the desert.)

We plan on doing the OOB Meet-up: Thursday, January 14 through Sunday, January 17, 2016. We choose these dates based on it being right before the show opening weekend so we can, we hope, get a large enough space for the number of RV’s that care to come join us. Also note… Opening weekend at the show is really busy, so you may choose to say longer if you do not like crowds. We are NOT parked near the show itself as we like it less crazy.

Movie Night Under The Stars

Movie Night Under The Stars

We will be having movie nights on our big 11 foot by 9 foot outdoor movie screen, weather permitting of course.

We’ll be doing a pot luck dinner at least one night.

Bon fires and get togethers. (Please bring wood)

Quadcopter demos. Bring your own RC craft and join in on the flying fun.

Anyone that has a craft they’d like to share, maybe we can do that as well.

Oh, if you play a guitar or something, maybe we can do campfire music jams or sing alongs.

We park, in the free BLM area, on the northern side of Quartzsite. About 5 miles north on route 95 is Plomosa Road. Turn east onto Plomosa Rd (right if you are coming from Quartzsite, left from Parker). Then drive about 2 miles in and on the left hand side you will see our sign for the Outside Our Bubble group (near where the Montana 5th Wheelers meet). Turn left there and follow the road back to the Outside Our Bubble gathering.

Ok, Ok, here it is on Google Maps with the GPS location of where we will be. (we are in the desert, there is no “address”.)

Google Map of Location – Zoom out to see area and roads.

Not sure what the Quartzsite, AZ Show is like? Well…here’s a video we shot last year at Quartzsite of the big RV show and tent event.

Here we are parked in the desert…


The tent event is free.

The parking around the tent event and where we park in the desert is free.

Make sure you fill your fresh water tank and have empty black and grey tanks when you arrive. If need be, there is a place in town to dump and get fresh water if you plan on staying longer or if need be.

We dare you to find us! (Ok, maybe not “dare” you, but come join the fun.)

OOB Get-together:
When: Jan 14-17, 2016
Where: Quartzsite AZ – Plomosa Road – End of BLM camping area (Google Map of Location)
Why: Just for Kicks!
Bring: Firewood, Full Water Tank, Empty Gray and Black Tanks, Generator, snake bite kit (kidding) and Stories.

If looking to join us, please comment below.  We will then build a mailing list from the comments (Please verify your address) and use that list to keep everyone updated as we try to figure this out. This is NOT a professionally produced get-together, it is just for fun and what it will be is what it will be. :)

Hope to see you there!

44 thoughts on “Join Us In Quartzsite, AZ In January

  1. Bill

    Hi. We plan on hitting Quartzsite this year for the first time ever. It would sure be nice to spend some time with folks that know the ropes. Pleae count us in! Bill and Diane Kelly.


  2. Andy Brown

    What a great idea and the perfect venue for the first Outside Our Bubble get together!
    I go to Quartzsite every year around the RV Show time and it is a blast.

    I will look forward to joining all of the group that shows up in 2016!

    I have just found your blog and subscribed and look forward to “learning” many things.


  3. Mary Ellen

    Great idea. We are annual attenders — wouldn’t miss it. However we and a group of friends attend the Blythe Bluegrass Festival which regularly happens during the first weekend of the RV show. Then on Monday we all go to Quartzsite and stay 5 miles South of 8, just off 95. Have no trouble finding an area big enough to handle 15 or so rigs. Anyway, think about incorporating the Bluegrass festival in your plans for 2017. It’s a blast.

  4. vicki

    I think we will be passing through Quartzdale before your “rally.” So sorry to miss it. Like a previous poster said, it would be nice to experience it with folks who know the ropes.

  5. kayess525

    We would love to be there. We’re planning to become full-timers later this summer and want to be out of Chicago (current home base) before mid-January and we’ve heard about Quartzsite. Hope we’re able to get there.

  6. Jill

    We are no full time, we have been planning on heading to Quartzite this coming January because we want to have solar put on our rig. We would love to join you.

  7. Charles & Sheila Pennington

    Cannot make it this year but if this becomes an annual thing we will definitely join in…Have a great time

  8. Roger and Diane Sparby

    Met you at the get-to-gather this year in Quartzsite. Would love to join you in 2016. We love the Quartzsite RV Show and surrounding shows. We have been OOB fans for almost a year.

    1. Bill and Marty Smith

      We will try to make it. Have to go to Red Bay at the first of the month. Last month of warranty and have a couple of little things to get taken care of. Should make it.
      Bill and Marty Smith, Hermitage PA.

  9. Don & Joan Crockett

    We parked next to you in Amarlo, TX when you had your other Motor Home, been following
    your blog ever since. Count us in.

  10. Candice & Darrell Osborn

    My husband, Darrell and I are planning on making the trip and joining you! Sounds like a great time. We’ll bring wood!

  11. Jim & Velvet Cox

    We would love to join the group this year. It was in our 2016 plans. The only event that might prohibit our participation is a new grandchild.

  12. shaun

    Hi All, We are 2 UK residents who have been(first timers) RV’ing since March this year, we are spending 3 years touring the USA , we have been following you for a while and will definitely look to join you all at Quartzite, see you soon, Shaun & Andi

  13. Martha

    We just found your blog and have been planning to go to Quartzite this January. We are now planning to travel a few days early and join the meet-up. This will be our first time to dry camp so it will be an adventure for us. We purchased our travel trailer last year and so far love this lifestyle. We spent 2 months this year in our travel trailer and plan to spend 3-4 months next year.

  14. Dave & Diane

    We will be in Q 2 or 3 times this winter and should be in the area during your get together. We have a couple other groups we spend time with but would like to fit some time in with your group as well or at least pay a visit. Good idea by you guys, always good to meet more people.

  15. Dave and Cris

    Would love to join you in our TIffin Bus sounds like fun and really appreciate all your
    great blogs. I will bring my Phantom 2 also
    Cris and Dave

  16. Fred Griffith

    Annette and I have discussed going back out to Quartzite and would love to join you guy’s in 2016. We were out in 2012 and again in 2015, We now have family in Buckeye AZ. so this will make it a great surprise visit.

  17. Gerri Ball

    Since we are not at Tifffin any longer this is on our list. Hope to make it. Been awhile and miss it and all it’s craziness. Count me in for any cooking.

  18. John & Deanna Fleming

    We will definitely be there; health willing. I have never been there. My wife hasn’t been there for about 20 years. It will be a real great trip to (re)-discover this show. Now I have no excuse to delay getting a toad. See you all in January.

  19. John Hall

    We are planning to make Q this January, but already meeting friends in another spot. We will come looking for you. If you see a big guy in a black Jeep that looks lost, wave me in. JH

  20. Jim Betts

    Suzie and I are new to Rv;ing and would like to join the group at Q. We’re from Northern Ontario and in Tucson right now. We have no plans after January 3rd, so well just be driving around the area. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  21. John Mantey

    Hi David & Brenda,

    Looks like we can’t make it for this awesome get together after all. My wife and I bought a new house and we close escrow in mid January. If you put this group together again in 2017, we would love to join you at that time.

    Have a wonderful time in AZ and thank you both for all that you do for the Tiffin RV community and beyond.



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