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New Family Photo

So how do you like our new family photo? Is it just me or can you see the big smile on Tasha’s face too?

So today was an adult day. By that I mean us adults got to pick the activities instead of the kids. Joe, Lynn and the kids went to Boldt Castle today. David and I decided to stay behind and have a quiet day. The KOA that we are staying at has miles of hiking trails. So we took our 13 year old girl for a hike. She did really well. Here are some pics.

When Joe and the gang came back, they all could use some down time. Here David and Joe are enjoying some kid free time.

Little Mikey wants to use the internet, so Lynn has to help him get online. What has camping come to when you have to go online?

All in all…we’re having fun. Kids are going swimming now and us adults are enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. With Tasha in tow, we’re heading up to the pool deck.

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