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Professional RV Wash and Waxing

Our Tiffin Allegro Bus at Sunset

Ok, ok, we get asked some of the same questions all the time. These questions we are kind of proud to be asked.  Questions such as…”How do you keep your coach looking like it does.”, “Is that new?”, “What do you use for wax?”, and “How do you wash your coach?” So in the past we had made a video on how we wash the coach and that can be found on this page, however there is a secret to how we keep the coach looking so nice that goes beyond washing it. That is, we have it professionally waxed at least once if not twice a year. 

Now not all washers and waxing companies are created equal and we surely have had our issues with some right down to not using the proper items to clean the coach. So it is important to know some things and what to watch for when having your coach or RV detailed. The first rule is when you find someone that does it right, keep them! Go back to the area at least once a year as good help is very hard to find, but when you do, you know it. So that is why we have only two people that work on our coach other than us. That is Andrew of A.N.S. Detailing and Dustin of Tiffin Motorhomes. 

A.N.S. Detailing

Andrew has been doing this for some time and is not only the owner of the company, but has personally trained his excellent employees to do the work as he would, and more importantly, as it should be done. As a coach owner himself, he more understands the needs and what needs to be done. (IMHO) They do not just wash and wax coaches and RV’s from Prevost on down, but also exotic  cars some of which cost more than a coach. He also works directly with the Meguiar’s company even training with them as well as training for them. So all in all, you can see why we trust him to work on our home. He can be found in the Fountain Hills area of Arizona during the winter and Spearfish, SD area in the summer. 

Dustin Working on Coach (Camera shy)

Dustin works for Tiffin Motorhomes as a painter in the service department. He has worked not only in the build plant doing paint work, but really shines when he works by himself or with a teammate under his guidance. Seeing we had special work done paint wise on our coach, Dustin is the one I ask for and choose to only work with, as he understands the needs of this particular coach. So along with that, he is the only other one that is able to wax it when work has been done. I trust his work as he takes pride in making something look factory new again. He is polite, funny, and just seems to care. Not that others are not the same for we have worked with various people at Tiffin of course, but in the case of paint…he is my go to guy.

Washing using the right brushes for the right areas.

So, back to washing and waxing. Of course we made a video on it which talks about the items to use, how to use them, and what to look out for when having your coach or RV washed and waxed. But in a nutshell, Only Lambswool for washing with poll head or Lambswool Mitt on the paint areas, use Boars Hair Brush Head (which is actually soft and not cheep!) for items like the roof, slide toppers, and slide topper casings, more or less anything that does not have paint. And the most important item….Deionized Water for rinsing!!! The use of Deionized Water allows for your coach or RV to dry almost spot free thus not needing you to dry it, which can actually make for fine “spider” scratches. Some of you may know, we carry with us CR Spotless Water Deionizer unit to use when we rinse. HINT…Based on where you may be, try NOT to wash your coach if it is windy and there is dust in the air as that will just collect in the water drops and make for spots. As far as what to use for soap. If you do not use a foam canon (you will see one in the video) then using baby shampoo and 1/4 cup vinegar does wonders. Just remember, it is the suds that clean…So you want a lot of suds. 

Our Current Wax of Choice.

For the waxing we use Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax which is applied via a random orbital buffer. I carry with me a Black & Decker WP900 unit. The wax is then removed by hand using very soft micro fiber cloths like the AmazonBasic Microfiber Cleaning Cloths which I buy in 25 packs.  Why so many? Well that is another tip…when removing wax be sure to adjust the cloth often and even change cloths or you will not only be removing wax, but also have the chance at leaving wax build up from the wax coming back off the cloth. 

So that’s our secret, we use a professional when it comes to the waxing of our coach.  Of course before you can wax it, you need to wash it and let it dry.  I surely could wax it ourselves, after all, we do wash it. But overall, well, I hate waxing so I hire it out, but only to someone I can trust and would do it like I would.

UPDATE: Our friends at CR Spotless once again liked our writeup and has offered our readers 10% off there purchase!  Use Coupon Code OOB15 (it is good to go for all water systems, wands, replacement hardware but is not applicable to sale items or the resin exchange.)

27 thoughts on “Professional RV Wash and Waxing

  1. Jeffrey Franz

    Concur with using Dustin at the service center, he is as described, an exceptionally hard worker with attention to detail. We do most all of our detailing and we can tell you these write ups will save you creating swirls on your clear coat. For some reason, our clear coat is a lot easier to make swirls then many other brands, car or coach. They are preventable and take a LOT of work to remove. Great write ups, we also like that wax, twice a year.

  2. David Earnest

    Just got through having Dustin repaint a section of our coach. He is very good at what he does and takes his time. The end result is a product that is much better than what you can get elsewhere.

  3. Ralph Cox

    Hi David,

    Amazon’s site states the Microfiber Cloths are imported. I was advised by a company at
    the Western Area FMCA Rally a year or so ago that the best is made in Korea. I have some and they are diffentley far better than what is made in China.

  4. David earnest

    David, what do you think about the Cherry Flash wax that Dustin uses in the paint shop at Red Bay? After seeing how well it went on and came off, he convinced me to go down to the City Auto Parts Store in Red Bay and get some. He and Beau in the paint shop were pretty high on it as a wax of choice…

    1. David.B Post author

      I used to use it myself until I switched. If you do a search for that wax, you really can not find anyone that uses it in any of the detailing communities. I could not even find it anywhere on-line. But that did not or does not mean is is not good. I just do not like something I can not look into. :)

  5. Curtis

    Good stuff, but you can use a boar hair brush on paint or if your prefer the cheaper lambswool. Bear in mind you will have to replace the lambs wool fairly often and a boar hair brush will last a life time if you take care of it. . Boar hair does not damage paint and is VERY soft. Using a synthetic sealer will last for 6 months easy. On the roof you could and should use a more aggressive brush. It’s not painted and stains are tougher.

    1. David.B Post author

      Hi…It can very based on the crew and location and size of coach. So a 45 foot coach you will find $300-$500 range. Again, based on the crew etc.

    2. Curtis

      Be VERY careful on who you use. The people David hired obviously know what they are doing. I could instantly tell by what he was saying and the products he was using, but MANY don’t. I’ve watched countless “professionals” washing coaches and actually doing damage to the paint. I watched a guy damage a coach using a circular waxer and wool pad, far too aggressive and left swirls all over the coach. I had the owner stop him before he damaged the second side. The owner didn’t realize the damage until I pointed it out to him. Learn what to ask and what they should be doing before price. If you need paint correction (done correctly) that’s going to cost more. More often then not they hire individuals who go through a short training and have no real idea what they are doing.

    3. Curtis

      Here is a tip, I buy all my vehicle detailing supplies by the gallon. Much cheaper and with coaches you end up using a LOT. I buy water based tire protection (which contains UV protection) by the gallon also, just realize while it’s the right stuff to use it’s pretty much gone after driving in the rain. You can also adjust the shine by the amount of water you mix in.

  6. Daphne S

    Are you no longer using Wash and Wax waterless products? What wash products do you use now? (Pressure wand, dispenser and soap). Thanks

        1. David.B Post author

          AS soon as they have a production test model, I will have one to mess with. So I will be able to report back on it. However, from what I know this far, this will be a great new product for Di-Water.

          1. Curtis

            Nice, I was going to order one of their other units until I saw their kick starter.I looks like it’s going to be more compact and versatile then their current offerings.

          1. David.B Post author

            Just double-checked it…it is good to go for all water systems/wands/replacement hardware but is not applicable to sale items or the resin exchange.

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