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RV AC Vent Disc Cleaning Tip


Ok, remember we recommended the Dyson DC59 Handheld Vac for use in a  motorhome? Well, actually we said that “it sucked”. If not, see this post and the fun video we did on it… CLICK HERE

Disc-FilterAnyway, some time back I happened to accidentally stumble on a way to quickly, and with some fun, clean the little AC disc vent intake air filters. You know, the little round ones that you may have in your RV.

I was using the handheld Dyson with the small motor head and was using it to vacuum off the collected dust from the vent.  All good right? Nope. While I started my first swipe of the disc, it was sucked into the motor head, whipped around and shot out. Sounds bad right?  Nope again. To my joyful amazement, the disc was totally clean.  I mean, like one second and it was clean. Naw, could not be right…could it?  Of course I then took another disc and this time actually dropped it into the motor head, not that Dyson of course would recommend it, and sure enough, out popped a clean air filter disc.  POOF!

Now I can not say it will work for all filter discs, but I can say it does for ours. So as we say, mileage may very and we are not responsible if something goes wrong. But if it does go right and you get a hoot out of it like I did, then let me say now that “Your Welcome” for the fun. ;)

Ok, ok, what good is talking about this when of course I had to make a video for you.  So lets just jump to that. Let’s just say I had a little fun. :)  Enjoy

If you give it a try…record and post the video and add it to the comments below. ;)

8 thoughts on “RV AC Vent Disc Cleaning Tip

  1. Linda Garman

    Hahahahaha I just had to laugh along with you! Great little video…I laughed so hard the tears ran down my leg!!!
    Love yas!

  2. Kathleen Schram

    David, if I told you how much this helped us you’d think we were stupid and/or crazy! Thanks for posting. We recently got our 8 yr old lightly used Allegro Bus, but we wondered if anyone ever, ever, cleaned these vents and we were wondering just exactly what to do if they might need total replacement. So after viewing your video, we started and I can’t tell you how much better it feels and looks.

  3. Mush

    David. Thought about you and Brenda yesterday as I finally purchased my new cordless vac (got the purple “Animal” version). Can’t wait to have some fun with it. Thanks again for the great info!

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