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Second Year Living In Our 45LP Tiffin Allegro Bus

Our Coach Reflecting The Sunset

Our Coach Reflecting The Sunset

Bott Lott At Southwoods RV Resort

Bott Lott At Southwoods RV Resort

Well, well, well, can you believe we have now lived full time in our 45LP Tiffin Allegro Bus for two years? Boy has the time gone quickly and we can only think that is because we have been having a great time traveling and making new friends along the way.

The coach has treated us great and we so enjoy the 45LP floor plan. We do like some of the tech changes Tiffin as put into the newer coaches, like more use of the Spyder control system to control things such as vents, blinds, additional lighting, and even the floors. It would be nice to have those as such things are lacking in our 2014 model and they sure would be nice. But it is interesting to us that even though a few other floor plans that have come out after the 45LP model, we would still, at this time, choose the 45LP floor plan for our needs if we decided on a new coach.

Without all the typing needed to talk about some of our thoughts, etc of the second year living in our coach and what we have been up to, we made another video where we sit down and chat with you about it. Ok, yes, it’s a one way conversation, so not so much a “chat” with “you”. However if you watch it a few times and take notes, you could always play it back and right before we say something or go on to a new topic, you can pause it and ask us a question and pretend we are answering it when you continue the playback.

If you care to re-live or play catch-up on our past videos on this subject, we have those available for you too.

Here is the blog post and videos of our Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP complete time lapse video of build, tips on having a coach built and our walk through video which all can be found here.

Then we did a one year video on our thoughts of living in our coach for the first year. This can be found here.

And if you are all caught up and don’t care to re-live the past, then here is our video on our second year living on the road full time in our Tiffin Allegro Bus model 45LP. (3rd year in all living full time in a coach.)

21 thoughts on “Second Year Living In Our 45LP Tiffin Allegro Bus

  1. Diane

    Enjoyable video guys! Always thrilled to see people who are happy, joyful, loving life and traveling. We will be in NY in June….but south of you in Bath (or so the plan is now…) We hit the road in 2 weeks….eastbound – to Maine, Boston, NYC, and DC. It is a very good life!

  2. Jerry & Karen

    Great recap of your year. Love the wine cooler and secret hiding place behind the TV.
    Drive safely and live like jello. I think that is correct.

    1. David.B Post author

      It is “Make plans in Jello”. (Aka, not set in concrete) Not sure how living like Jello would be, but kind of sounds interesting. :) And remember…Shhhhhh on the fireplace.

  3. Raymond Hays

    Love the information and congratulations on the 2 years in the Allegro. one question you may have explained it but I missed it. What you mean driving in the left lane?

    1. David.B Post author

      “Life is always smoother in the left lane.” Ever notice how the right lane of an interstate or highway can be very bumpy, yet the left lane is smoother?(If not, you will take note now. :)) That is what that is meant by that. The right line gets most of the use, as such, it gets patched or repaired a lot vs the lefthand lane.

  4. Kathy and John Johnson

    When in June will you guys be back to Southwoods? We will be there June 12 – 16 with the Niagara Frontier Allegros. looking forward to seeing you again if you are there then.

    1. David.B Post author

      We will arrive around April 15 and will be there most of the Summer. Now that I know that there is a Tiffin group coming then, we will be sure to be around. However, we will not be parked with you all. ;)

  5. Steven Carvotta

    Thank you for sharing your bubble update. We are planning the purchase of our Tiffen next year and downsizing to prepare for our part time plans for now! Safe Travels!!!!

  6. Danny Bevills

    We often follow you guys. We have a 2012 Phaeton 42LH which is basically the same, but smaller, floorplan as y’all. We love it. We really could do without the living room front slide. Don’t need the extra floor space and it takes up valuable outdoor space under the awning. You mentioned Amazon prime. Agree, it is awesome. While at Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD to visit DC, we traded our SRX for a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 door. Ordered Blue Ox baseplate and wiring harness for the Jeep at noon on a Wednesday. Had the items in my hand at the park at 10:00 AM the next morning. That’s only 22 hours from the time I hit the purchase button on my laptop. How can anyone improve on that. Awesome. Installed everything myself at my RV site. No problem. We are not fulltime, but can go anytime we want. But when we do, we don’t like to rush. We do the 222 plan. We like to drive 200 miles or less, get there by 2:00, and stay at least 2 days. There are exceptions when we must get from A to B for an appointment. But this is the exception. You remind me of me always making upgrades to make life simpler and easier. It’s fun. Thanks for your blog. Danny Bevills

  7. Paul Schilbe

    Love your blog. Been following you since the Bus build in Red Bay. We have a 2014 Bus 37AP which has the same ISL9 450hp that your coach has. Interested in knowing what Cummins found and how long you had to wait. Our Ocala Cummins dealer is booked up for 30 days for normal maintenance but I suppose they would try to work in an emergency situation (I hope!).

    Happy travels, Paul Schilbe, Ocala Florida

    1. David.B Post author

      Hi…It was a bad HPCR High Press Release Valve. This is part of the high pressure fuel system. When fuel pressure get to high inside the common rail, it should open to release the pressure. The little fuel that is expelled is sent back to the tank. If it sticks open, you will have no pressure and go nowhere. If it is stuck closed, it will build pressure and when enough pressure is built up, the engine will degrade until the pressure drops back down. (Rinse and Repeat)

      3 hours to confirm it was the valve, 15 mins to replace. Go Figure!

  8. Dave and Maggie Mitchell

    Good to see you folks again. we will also pass the 2 year mark in May of this year. We bought our 2012 43QGP bus in Mobile, AL and have never looked back. Maybe next year well catch up with you in Quartzite. We would love to meet you as you guys were one of our big factors in our decision to purchase a Tiffin coach. I got some good advice from Dave last summer about installing our new Wolf induction cook top.
    We winter in Yuma only 90 miles away.

  9. Brenda Williams

    It is great to see this video….thank you so much for sharing. My husband and I have a 5 year plan….we will be buying a coach (probably a greyhound type bus) in 3 years and then we will take 2 years to convert it into what we need (we have 6 cats, a dog and 2 birds right now) and I am vegan so we need a larger kitchen than most people. We get quite the responses from everyone when they hear our plans so it is nice to see families living on the road and loving it. Hope to meet you on the road someday!

  10. Rich & Diana Neal

    I enjoyed your video very much. It was great to hear that you have had little or no major problems with your coach. I also had to replace the drivers side night shade. We had been looking at the Allegro Bus for a while. So… after watching your build we decided to go to Red Bay from Calif. to watch our new 37AP being built. What a great experience. We only have 4,000 miles on the motor home so far and are planning to go to Whistler Canada this summer. So hearing that you have had no real problems gives us great confidence for our summer trip.
    David, I would like to ask you a question about the factory GPS. I am not really happy with the size and the distant location of this unit. Are you happy with the factory GPS, or did you buy another unit with a larger screen? If so, where did you mount it and how due to the very steep dash angle. After all your road adventures, do you have a preference of which one works best for you? We have enjoyed you guys sharing your adventures (especially Moab), what a great life.

    Safe Travels,
    Rich and Diana

  11. Kim Nowell

    Very much enjoyed the video and great to hear how much you have enjoyed this life. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Especially since we are looking for allegreo bus ourselves. You have great advice. Thanks again and happy travels.

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