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Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing


Let’s just say, you never know what you’re going to get.

What I mean by that is simply this…

Sitting here at a mostly empty Southwoods RV Resort during the mid-week. Having boredom set in as we’ve been sitting here in one spot for so long. The following conversation took place.


David proclaimed…Let’s Go!

To which I replied, to do what?

Fly of course.



Umm…Dear…there’s nothing here to shoot right now.

Ahh….but there is! A sunset and us in a mostly empty RV park. Come on, fly with me.

Umm…again, sounds thrilling. What will you do with the footage?

No idea, but let’s fly!

So from all raw footage taken from our little Phantom quadcopter, we proudly present, our boredom video titled…

Something From Nothing (As it was made all from test footage.)

(It’s amazing what David can come up with out of nothing.)

17 thoughts on “Something From Nothing

  1. Deby Bryan

    Always entertained by your posts. Thanks for this, it made me smile and dream of hitting the road (very soon now).

  2. Big/Little Sis

    Sure made me smile…especially the ending! I am always so grateful that you two found each other!
    Love and hugs…

  3. Rhonda

    Love, love, love the copter vids…what a unique way of showing a campsite or local area. And the music was an extra special touch. The cherry on top! Thanks for sharing! Rhonda, in Tennessee

  4. Larry and Jackie Oz

    You folks have inspired my wife and I greatly. Based on your recommendation I have purchased some of the same items you use and find them very helpful. It may be hard to produce new things that you think we would be interested in but you have done a great job in the past so just keep it up. Love the quad copter shots. Going to get me one soon. Going to start with a small inexpensive one and work my way up if I can learn to fly. Thanks guys

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