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Something From Nothing – The Sequel

Something From Nothing - The Sequel
Ok, so it seems that the last video “Something From Nothing” was some kind of a success even though it was made from just test footage. We received so many emails and comments on the video that I thought I would try tossing together another one. So once again with not much going on, I decided to edit footage that I had from earlier that was not in wide open areas of the park, but wooded areas.


A little note on the Phantom quadcoptor. The DJI Phantom Vision 2+ is a quadcoptor that requires a GPS lock to fly without too much issue. Once that GPS lock is gone, like under trees, it is a totally different machine to fly, as it can not just ‘stop’ when you take your fingers off the sticks. It actually will try to go back to where it “thinks” it is.  So, well, quite a different experience and not for anyone new to flying should try. Note…the new version of the Phantom, the DJI Phantom 3, overcomes this with a downward facing camera that can also track the ground for movement and adjust.

BTW…Brenda did not know I was editing this and making this post. Surprise babe. :)

With that said, I now present  “Something From Nothing – The Sequel”.

13 thoughts on “Something From Nothing – The Sequel

  1. John F

    Great video.
    It makes many of us guys feel very guilty.

    With your permission I would like to borrow the concept (not the video).
    BTW – who sang the song / music?

  2. Rhonda

    I love, love, love the copter vids. The scenery is gorgeous and the music always seems to fit the “mood” of the vid. Thanks for your effort and keep ’em coming!

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