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Sorry For The Product Reveal Delay

Even Whisper upset on the delay!

Even Whisper upset on the delay!

Just wanted to say that we are sorry to keep you hanging on the announcement we want to make and what the item is we want to reveal for Tiffin owners. We had hoped to make the revel a week after the post, but here we are on the 22nd and not a word. Nothing. Nadda.

You can be assured we are still here. Michael and David are very hard at work with the website for the reveal and on the little box itself. However, alas, it taking longer to do both seeing that both Michael and David also have the normal work that either may do.

Heck, David and I have not really had much to post about lately. We are back at Southwoods RV Resort and making sure the Wi-Fi is ready for this seasons guests. (See our live camera page for a live view of our site. You may even catch us outside as the camera faces the main view of the coach.)

Be assured we really, really, want to, announce what we have been working on for over a year. It is killing us. But we can not until we have things in place as we know what will happen right from day one.

What can we say now?  Well, Michael has written a lot of lines of code. Decoded signals that the coach is sending all the time. And is fine tuning the product named….oh wait…almost slipped. David has been working on the site, the business side of things, and actually talking to other companies and manufacturers already. All in all, exciting times.

But things are close and I the guys will only let me leave you with this image…


…and also to point out that Whisper is also SO TIRED of the Wi-Fi stuff. First all the parks and now….hummm…I have to stop typing again before I say too much.

Whisper Falling Asleep On Antenna

Whisper Falling Asleep On Antenna



9 thoughts on “Sorry For The Product Reveal Delay

  1. Diane and Alan Handler

    just tell us please … what should we purchase/set up/work on vs. what we should wait on until we hear what your ‘AB bus enhancement’ is? :-)

    1. David.B

      Not sure what you are asking other than for us to revel it. I can not yet revel it as mentioned as there are to many things still in play. Not sure if you will need to work on anything for this new thingy. But if you don’t have coach wide Wi-Fi…That would be nice. And by that I mean, a wi-fi network of your own that you connect your devices to and your network is then connected to the internet via a hotspot or RV Park Wi-Fi. That is a good thing to have anyway but also would be a plus for what we are working hard on. :)

      1. Diane and Alan Handler

        working on it (the coach wide Wi-Fi)! no pressure from us to reveal! working on what seems like a gazillion things that are all new to us.

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