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Sorry – No Updates on the 45LP Build

Waiting To Go Inside The Weld Shop

Waiting To Go Inside The Weld Shop


For those following along, it has been some time from when the 45LP coach looked like this. In fact it has been built and we are going through touch ups and fixes. We have had a few setbacks along the way right up to the end with a paint issue. And that is where the coach sits now.

So we are sorry to say, we have nothing really to talk about at this time about the build as it has not been all that exciting for a number of days. We did not do a time lapse of the final paint touch-up and buff we are sorry to say.


We think the next report will be when it comes back to the Red Bay plant for final inspections and clean up, but we are not sure when that will be. But we are getting closer each day.  We hope to do time lapse of the final clean up process and then do a final reveal walk through of the coach as we talk about the experience.

We will say that at this point in the process, frustrations can start to run high as it is so close, but yet so far. We do know one thing…we never want to hear these words again…”It will buff out.”  (We really need to get t-shirts made for that. :))  All in all, the Tiffin team is on it and we will bring you another report as soon as they are done with paint and it is back at Red Bay.


Paint Final Prep Area


8 thoughts on “Sorry – No Updates on the 45LP Build

  1. Paul L Giunta

    I wish we could of stayed at RB for a final inspection of the paint. We have on major over spray on the PS, that I can’t believe they missed. There are a couple of minor ones. I have an option to go back to RB, back to Lazy Days or do nothing.
    2014 AB QBP
    PAUL and ALICE

  2. keseymour

    It is pretty funny what can be corrected with a buffer and wax, and when you’re in the business you can look at it and know. I’m sure it’s going to look fantastic when it’s delivered!

  3. Gary Case

    Sorry to hear it’s taking a bit longer than you’d hoped … but I’m sure the result will be well worth the wait. Paint can not only take time to cure; but with colors like you’ve selected, you have to look at everything from a variety of angles and in various light conditions to really know that all’s okay. At least you’re there to “help” with the inspections … so things that otherwise may have been overlooked will all get fixed now instead of being after-delivery issues.

    I’m sure the end result will be well worth the wait … and the experience of watching it grow from a bare chassis to a fully decked-out motorhome has been really cool — not only for you but for all of us who anxiously awaited your time-lapses after each day’s progress.

    1. David Post author

      I agree it can sometimes be a struggle with what we have on the coach. But at the same time, it is not something that the plant should not be able to handle. Truth be told…we had some set back such as someone scratching the coach by mistake, over sprays, and items not straight that then required repaints. All in all, it is being handled and I am sure it will be great at the end. But there still is nothing like a clean paint job with all the paints applied cleanly with no fixes being needed. For then, with all the metal flake, you can have appearance issues from the repaired areas. Then add to that a different clear coat processes and you surely can have variances.

      While a lot of people may not, or even would not notice, I am sorry to say I am one does and can not help it, it is the way I am wired.

      But we are getting their and looking better each time. At least Tiffin wants it to be right.

  4. mike

    Waiting To Go Inside The Weld Shop????
    the last post says… what happen they had to undo everything down to the frame and do some welding please clear this up

    1. David Post author

      That is an image description of the image when it all first started. Nothing more. First sentence…”For those following along, it has been some time from when the 45LP coach looked like this.” Hope this helps.

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