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Tory – Thanks For Having Lived

"Baby Kitty" Tory - Feb 1998 - June 8th 2016

“Baby Kitty” Tory – Feb 1998 – June 7th 2016

It happens over and over, day after day. Someone looses a family member. It is never easy no matter how you try to look at it. The only thing I could come up with is that without death, one would have never lived. And without living, one could not add to your life experience. So without death of a loved one, your life would surely have been different.

Tory came into our lives 18 year ago when found by a road side. She was small. So small she fit into the palm of our hand. The nickname of “Baby Kitty” stuck throughout her life right. But also did “Tory the tornado”. You see, even though she remained small, with her head never really growing to fit her body, she was the queen of all and could back that up if she wanted to. (mostly via a very loud voice.) So she would tare though the home at times putting someone into there place who thought maybe they could get away with something. At the water dish and she wanted to drink…you moved. That is just the way it was.

But because of her life, she forever changed ours. And again, without death, she would have never lived and thus could not have giving us all the love and memories we now have. (Even though it all was on her terms.)

I am having a hard time witting this after 18 years. So I’ll it some up my thought.



Life can not be life without death. For without death, life would have no meaning. For it is through death that a life was truly lived and was added to your own. Thanks Baby Kitty, Thanks.

"Baby Kitty"

“Baby Kitty”

Tory and Elliott

Tory and Elliott

Tory Being Tory

Tory Being Tory (Cooper, Tory, Elliott)

I want to sleep right here!

I want to sleep right here!






40 thoughts on “Tory – Thanks For Having Lived

  1. Deborah Branch

    Hold to the memories. Sorry for your loss Your post touched my heart. Thanks for sharing and your in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Cardbunny

    We are very sorry for your loss. We have been there and have a senior kitty now …it’s so hard when those you love are gone or sick.

  3. Diane

    My sincerest condolences. I know your pain. The Rainbow Bridge is where I hope to be when this life is over….to once again be reunited with my fur-kids. No greater joy then to see their happy faces again.

  4. Cathy Swiatowy

    Sorry for your loss! I know how hard it is to lose one of your fur babies. They are family members and the lost is just the same😞

  5. Jerry & Karen

    We know how your loss can be very hard. We had Scarlett, a beautiful Main Coon, for 17 yrs. She was our “fur child” who acted like a full member of the house. Greeting those who came in through the front door, laying in the chip bowl in the coffee table following each of our conversations, not wanting the kids to be the focus of our attention, at times willing to walk outdoors with a leach to the wonderment of our neighbors, or just wanting to lay on your lap and take a quiet nap. Memories are what keep her alive in both of us.

  6. Keith - www.MHRIG.COM

    The hardest part of owning animals is knowing that something that provides so much love will likely go before us. Just think of all the great times she gave you while you had her. Tory reminds me of one we lost years ago “Hobie” (Hobie Cat :)). She was also such a joy


    Lost our Kitty of 5 years and you expressed just how we felt. He demanded to run free so we acquiesced to his rights and nights outside protecting his territory and family. Miss him and his contrariness; he loved his life and us.

  8. Kristi Silver

    Thanks for the great Tribute to Tory. Her life with you was truly a charmed one. I understand your grief and pain of loss. So great to have other warm fur-kids to snuggle. Funny how they are so uniquely special and quirky.

  9. Jeff, Susan & Raven

    So sorry for your loss of Tory! What a sweet little face! She reminds us of our baby Meeko who we lost in 2014 after 19 presious years! Have comfort in the many years of joy & memories she brought you both!

  10. Juanita Capellani

    So sorry for your loss. Such a touching eulogy. Been there with our furry family also, but such great memories.

  11. Diane Ball Handler

    thx for sharing your story … sad day … i have 4 tiny rescue kittens now and am fostering til they find homes … one looks exactly like baby kitty … they were starving when i found them and now are doing great. 2 males 2 females.

  12. Rose Cowan

    So sorry for your loss Brenda and David. They always go too soon but through your memories they will never really be gone. RIP Miss Tornado.

  13. Dave Mitchell

    Thanks Dave for the beautiful eulogy for Tory. We’re full timing with our Wired Hair Fox Terrier and he will be 17 this year. He’s been with us since he was 16 years old and we dread the day when we will have to part.

  14. Michelle Ferguson

    What an amazing tribute to your sweet fur baby. I am so sorry for your loss but happy you had such wonderful times with her. How lucky she was to have such awesome people find her beside the road and lived your adventure side by side. Over the rainbow bridge Baby Kitty!

  15. Charles Pennington

    Sorry for your loss…We love our Golden & Westie so much but we know there will come a time that they will be gone.

  16. Patricia

    Just lost our 16 1/2 year old cat Toby a couple of months ago. It’s still tough. It’s been tough for our other cat. I empathize with your grief. All of our pets have been loved and pampered but occasionally you have one that carves a deeper spot into your heart. Toby was that kind of cat. Sounds like Tory was too. So sorry for your loss. What a blessing she was to you. What a blessing you were to her!

  17. Freedom Quest

    Some people don’t think that losing a pet like your Tory is a big deal But I know that it can be difficult. Tory as will any pet can be great friends and even close family members.

    Please accept my condolences.

  18. Jay Fen

    It is awful to lose a loved pet, but on the other hand it is great to know people that love and care for pets. There should be more people like that in the world.

  19. Tren

    You gave Tory the absolute best life a cat could EVER hope for. Tory was lucky you found her on the side of the road. Without you, she probably wouldn’t have lasted 18 minutes, much less the 18 years you gave her. She was waiting there just for YOU. And you were lucky to have her. She gave you 18 wild years in return (or maybe she would say payback! :) that you wouldn’t trade for anything. My 9 cats and I are with you. Love, Tren

  20. Randy Dixon

    Yes its hard, We just had a little dog of 16 years past away, we still have sad feeling . We had hope he was going to go on the road with us. We have 2015 Tiffin and have had our house on the market in SC . We read your blog all the time.

  21. Susan Bank

    sorry for the hole in your lives. The only way I can reconcile a dear pet’s death is to realize that if one didn’t die you’d never get to know the next one, and the next. If they lived forever you’d never have the wonderful experiences with the ones to come. Not much, but it gets me through when we lose a “baby”……

  22. libertatemamo

    My deepest condolences. What a beautiful kitty and a beautiful tribute to her life. I can see her personality shining through in the pictures. It’s so very hard to say goodbye to our furry family and 18 years is a long, full time. My heart goes out to you.


  23. Audry

    Having many types of cat-babies, tabby kitties are the best in my book. So very sorry for the loss of your long-time companion. Pets are so pure and blameless even when they talk a good game (as cats surely do) and the wounds of loss run deep and long. They truly love unconditionally. RE: Dogs – “Put the dog and your husband in the trunk and come back an hour later and see who’s happy to see you.” That’s probably one difference between dogs and cats. The cat will absolutely punish you. :) Sending love and sympathy your way.

  24. krawz

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. You were both so lucky to have found each other that day. RIP Tory.

  25. Caryn H

    Thank you for sharing…… crying as I read for I just lost a cat, name Lily, a rescue cat, who could have been Torys twin…… my heart goes out to you and all mom’s and dad’s whose 4-legged kids are no longer traveling with us but will always be in our hearts. Keeping you in my prayers.

  26. Doug Connie

    We’re so sorry.Thanks for all the Love you gave Tory.
    It was an unbeatable bond felt with in your hearts.
    She was so Special just as you two are for bringing
    her into your lives. Your world’ was a better place
    thanks to her. Enjoyed the video.

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