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Turn the lights on…Ok, Lights on!

Michael & Loups 2016 45OP Allegro Bus

Michael & Loups 2016 45OP Allegro Bus


Inside a 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OP there is something special going on. So here is something newsworthy about CoachProxy that we wanted to share with you.

As you may recall, we announced CoachProxy sometime back and we are currently in the beta test phase of the release. The beta program is going very well and Michael did something you may not have expected this soon. We think this is really cool and wanted to share it.


No better way really to show this other than a video.  So, here you go…

Now Voice Control is really just a fun thing and is for the advanced users, but it does show what we are able to do with CoachProxy in a Tiffin motorhome. Michael just had to get away from the normal development and do something fun….I guess he succeed. :) (This would require a CoachProxy, Amazon Echo, and full time Internet.)

15 thoughts on “Turn the lights on…Ok, Lights on!

    1. David.B Post author

      Why? Because we CAN! :) (And we are Techie people that love to work with technology.) I guess the same could be said about a TV remote when it first came out. Guessing you use one. ;) It’s all in fun.

    1. David.B Post author

      Hi Scott…Sorry to say no because Tiffin does not have anything on the CAN bus to talk to them. They are dumb thermostats. I think it will not be until the late 2017’s/2018’s coaches that we would see that in a Tiffin. But when they do…CoachProxy surely will be able to control it.

        1. David.B Post author

          It is not us…It is Tiffin (or any manufacturer). CoachProxy can not control an item if it is not on the C-Bus network system. Once it is, we surely will be able to control it. “Echo turn on the rear AC” or “Echo, set the front temperature to 70 degrees.” Or something like that. (Also will be able to control from anything that has a web browser.)

          1. Scott

            I would think there must be a differant thermostat we could use unplaced of what tiffin has used. ( echo find thermostat that is able to interface)

            1. David.B Post author

              She said she did not understand the question. :) Yes, nothing that you can just replace like you can in a home. These thermostats are not “normal”. If so, I would have put in a Nest Thermostat right from the start.

    1. David.B Post author

      We so missed home automation when we sold that CoachProxy became real with the help of our friend Michael. We had 90 nodes of zwave controlled devices in our home. (Each node is a device.) So every light and even the outside lights and pond fountains were automated.

  1. tolerjill

    We just bought a 2016 Phaeton, I like this idea for when I am feeling lazy. Although there is one button that will turn everything on and off. Except my window shades are manual.

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