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Waiting In Quartzsite for the 1st OOB Meet and Greet

We Are Right Here!

We Are Right Here!

Just wanted to make a quick post to say “Where the heck are you all?”  Oh wait, it is only Tuesday. You all will be arriving on Thursday, all 40 of you. Well, that is except for the six that are already here, two of which have been waiting for a few days already. So here we are waiting for your arrival. Fire ring area is ready, wood is being stacked, and the donuts for Friday morning are ordered.

When you arrive in the area, just look for the OOB logo signs. Ok, we admit, they are small signs, only 8.5″X11″ paper. So L@@K for them. You will find one by the street site where you are to pull off the road and they you will find three others leading you in. They are in color, so that helps.

See you soon! (And yes, you surely can arrive earlier.)

If you could not make it, please remember to check in on our LIVE CAM to see what you can see.

Anyway…we are here…though this time not as alone as in this video from last year…

Oh…I can not promise I will not fly past your RV like this. But I can say I carry insurance for it. :)

7 thoughts on “Waiting In Quartzsite for the 1st OOB Meet and Greet

  1. CJ

    Great video. I got a little sea sick there on the spins but I’ll be ok. LOL…have a great gathering. One day I’ll try to make it out. Perhaps when I upgrade to a diesel pusher.

  2. Rich & Diana Neal

    Looks like you are set up for a fantastic time meeting new friends. Sorry we could not stay this time, but we will try to come by and visit. Have fun!

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