So, well, their first was Rich who stopped by last camping season at Southwoods as he was in the area for work and wanted to meet us as him and his partner Kyle are going to go full time someday.  So we sat out and chatted for a few hours and had a talk about the lifestyle etc, etc.  Fast forward to last night when we did a live video YouTube stream with them as Rich and Kyle showed just up a few days back to Southwoods in a rented 45 foot Class A Newmar as they now are wanting to “experience” life in a motor home.  Kudos to them for doing that!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, we knew they were coming as they wrote us and asked if it was OK as they were going to use vacation time to rent a coach and thought they would come see us. Hummm….Us?  OK, sure, why not.  I think the reason was if they had an issue with the coach they could not figure out, well, you know, their is always David. :)  Naw, just kidding, they did just fine with it and of course have already learned some things they like and don’t like. Which after all, was part of the reason they wanted to rent a coach!

So as mentioned, we did a live stream where we talked about getting ready to go full time. (They are planning…and we do mean planning, as they are 3 to 5 years out from going full time.) So grab a drink, sit back, and listen in on our hour long conversation on the topic. (If you are interested in that sort of topic.)  BTW, you can just play the video below, but if you use this the following link, it will take you to the video on YouTube where you can also see the live chat box from people who where on-line from all around the world… CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE WINDOW