Hi all. Brenda here. We decided to take a day off from the blogging world. Hope you don’t mind. Yesterday we spent another fun filled day at the Rv dealership. They had to finish up a few things. Thank goodness the parts they had ordered on Monday arrived. That would have been another headache.

We left there around 4pm and decided to just wing it. As long as we were heading north we figured we couldn’t get to lost. We stopped for the night in Georgia. Yeah!!! We are out of Florida! And when we stopped at the camp ground it was still daylight, and the office was open! That’s a first.

Leaving the camp ground around 10am we again have no plan, just head north. Here’s a hint for all of you traveling through Georgia….Don’t Speed! We saw at least 9-10 cops that had pulled over cars, RV’s, and tractor trailers. Did I mention this was in a 10-15 minute time frame? So take note.

Stopping at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I know we have one in Henrietta but we’ve never eaten there before. Plus, it seems like a restaurant like that you need to be in the south to get the full experience :) It’s nice that they have special parking spots for RV’s and trailers. Easy on, easy out. Food was ok. I’d be just as happy eating at Denny’s for breakfast.

Wow, Georgia took shorter than expected to go through. I just saw a South Carolina Welcome Center sign. David’s having fun driving. He realizes that sitting this high up you can see inside of people’s cars. Being in the south, we just had a 350Z pass us with there top down. The woman in the passenger seat had nothing on but a bikini! Unfortunately for David, being a 350Z, there’s no way the RV can catch up to them for a second look. Not to mention, eyes on the road please.

I think I’m going to put my feet up now in the recliner and enjoy the view for a little bit. Aaahhhh.