Over this past summer, a lot of you know of the issues we had gone through with David’s father. You may also know, David’s father passed away in October. We wanted to send a note of thanks to all that posted comments of support or sent in e-mails to us not only throughout the summer, but also after he left us. We really did not know what to say or the best way to do so. As it turns out, Dad knew his son quite well which allowed us to wrap this all up perfectly. (See what I did there? Christmas? “Wrap it up”? Ha!)

You see, what we did not know was that his father told Mom that his ring be given to David upon his passing. Mom had mentioned to Dad that David really does not wear jewelry to which he replied…He will know what to do with it.

Dad was right, David does not wear such jewelry, but he is very creative. So we wanted to share with you a fitting end to his passing at the age of 87 and having been married to David’s mother for 67 years.

Thank you again to all our subscribers as you surely did help with all your messages. We hope you enjoy this ending that David put together from a recorded Skype call which took place on Christmas eve.