RIVR Media is casting for a new TV show on Buying RV’s…
Essentially RIVR Media is looking for people who have recently purchased an RV and/or people who are about to purchase an RV (within the next 2-3 months). All families will be compensated for their time ($2000 per couple) if selected.

There is only a limited amount of time to cast all the episodes across the country with January 12, 2015 being the deadline to get your application in. In other words, you will want to read the attached flyer and send in an email soon, for they will also be shooting even before January 12th.

So why not get “Outside Your Bubble” and do something different and be on TV. (See what I did there, I just blew your mind by using our blog name differently.

(Ok, Ok, despite the old looking RV photo, this is for real.)

RV Casting AD Smaller