Anyway, the video below was made about a year ago when we were testing for an idea of something to do during our first Quartzsite meet-and-greet. (Now called “OBBerfest” thanks to those that attended.) This was a test video so I could try to see how best to edit multi takes of the same song over and over and use different pieces each time and be able to sync them.

So, why was I told not to post it? Well, it is us being stilly. I mean, really silly. It is a video that was done as a test on a warm afternoon in Hoover Alabama while our friend was in surgery. In that way, it was another way to try to keep our minds off said surgery.

This is also the time that Brenda ended up hurting her foot that kept her off her feet for a few days. (Happened during this shoot. Opps….Rocks!) BTW…No grapes were hurt in the making of this video. And by that I mean is that no wine was involved. So it is just pure 100% us. It is a weird video. It is a silly video. It’s an “Us” video.

So why post it now? Well I happened to watch it the other day and it made me smile a number of times. It was something at the time I really needed. It just made me think how lucky I am to have someone that would do something so silly with me. It looked like we had a great time and brought back good feelings. I then thought hey, what a better way to show my love for her then to release an embarrassing silly video right after our 22nd wedding anniversary. There actually is more to this video in what it means to me. So in that I will just say… Thanks my love for the last ten “hard” years of my life. You are the reason I am.

So my love, happy 22 years.