Piper - Comes in Black or White

Piper – Comes in Black or White

Hey All…Remember our post on Piper and how it can be used for RV security as long as you have full-time internet access? Well, we had some people ask us what else it may be able to do? In this wireless world, a lot can and is being done in using wireless technology and protocols. For example…Z-Wave is a protocol that is used for home automation for everything from unlocking doors to turning on fountains. Heck, it also can do something as simple as turning on lights. So any device that is Z-Wave enabled, you can control with a master controller or via software and hardware.So in this case, Piper has Z-Wave built into it. You read that right, you have such power in your hands, via your phone, to control items using Piper.

It can even control items based on alarm events such as…Turn on living room lights, or any number of lights, when motion is detected while in “AWAY” mode. So if the alarm goes off, you light everything up and really scare off the intruder.

Piper already has Z-Wave security devices that can be used such as door and window sensors, after all, it was built as an alarm system. But they also have lighting control modules that can be added to the system. In fact they just also released an OUTDOOR ON/OFF controller, which we have added, that can be used for control of any 110V device that needs to be turned on and off that may be outside.

For RV’ers, we found this is a nice addition, for you can add your rope lights to it and be able to control them from wherever you may be or even set timers. (on at 8pm off at 6am). With this holiday season coming up, you can use it for X-Mas lights you may hang. Of course you may find other uses, but the point is, if you have Piper, or are considering one for your RV security, don’t forget it also can be used for automation. It is my bet they will continue to add other security items as well as other automation items along the way. My hope is for a key-fob that can be used to arm and disarm Piper vs needing to use the app. :)