As we are approaching the holidays, we often start to notice that people tend to decorate their RV’s or Motorhomes to some degree.  It can be as simple as a few lights or to the extreme were people go really overboard to the point where you just have to ask yourself…Where do they store all that stuff!?!?!

Well we just wanted to make a quick and easy post about doing some simple lighting that is easy to use and fun to play with.  You see, we are currently staying at North Texas Jellystone Park in the new Red Carpet area. 

These sites all have sitting areas that have these large poles with a shade canopy stretched across them.  They surely would make a perfect place to hang up some lighting for the holidays to make it more festive. So I set out to find some lighting to put up.

Well first off, there are A LOT of lights these days.  A LOT.  I mean, OMG there are a lot.   All shapes, sizes, colors, with and without remotes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc, etc.  But it was the Wi-Fi ones I was after and not just Wi-Fi, but ones that could be used with the Amazon Echo or Google Home products.  This way I could tie them into our nightly automated routine of turning on and off our exterior lighting. It’s just fun to use home automation! 

Some real good news is that the ones I found are made by Govee!  You may recall the name as they are the makers of the Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitor I recommended a few months back. This means I can use the same APP on my phone that I already have!  It turns out that Govee makes a number of products and they have a bunch of LED products and thus I found just what I was looking for!

So the ones I went with are the DreamColor Lights and they checked off all the boxes of what I would like them to do right down to working with my voice.  Now it is good to note that they also come with a handheld remote control so you don’t need to use Wi-Fi if you don’t have it.  You can use the remote just fine and it even has timer functions for 2 or 4 hours.  But if you have Wi-Fi you can do so much more.

Also note…They can be used indoor or outdoors, just need a 110 volt outlet to plug them into.  You can connect up to 4 strands together thus needing only one outlet.  In our case, I am using two strands for 12 lights.

Please feel free to watch my little video on the DreamColor LED Lights and you just may choose to add a little more light to your holiday season! 

LINK TO AMAZON: DreamColor LED WI-Fi Light Strip