Well, I got a new toy a few months back, a 9101 electric helicopter, and wanted to try something with my other new toy, my GoPro 1080 action cam. So, well, I mounted it to the underside of the helicopter and up I went.

My 9101 Helicopter

My 9101 Helicopter

It was a lot of trial and error.  The 9101 really does not have the lift it needed and unless I had the right mix of a VERY SLIGHT upwind and cool temperature, thus thicker air, it really would not fly.  And if and when I could get it to go into the sky, well, it would not stay up very long.

The 9101 is really not made for this mind you.  Heck, it has a hard enough time in any wind at all.  I know, I crashed it a lot at first.  But I was able to get a few shots from it after all. :)   I really want to get into a new hobby like this, but, well, real remote controlled helicopters can be very costly. (Even more so when you crash.)

So here are the few shots I have. (Remember you can CLICK to enlarge.)

David and Brenda with our home from the 9101.

The back of our home from the 9101

We will see if I can get better shots in the future.  I really would like to get to the point where I have something to take on our trips so I can shoot not only photos, but take 1080P video of parks and resorts etc.