Well, here we are again in Nappannee, IN at the Gulf Stream plant. We came out to have the interter fixed as one of the relays in the new inverter is bad. Also need to have some paint looked at that have over spray that is under the clear coat.

As you can see above, their are a few coaches here. Our coach is the one in the middle. Not sure why they are all here as they could be here for service like us, or just stopping by as Gulf Steam allows for use of the parking area.

Brenda drove most of the way this trip. She did very well and went though high winds, rain, city expressway. OH YES!!! Also toll booths! She really has yet to try “around town” driving as she driven mostly express way. But she will get to it and guessing she will do quite well.

All in all, we are here now and we will see what tomorrow holds for the paint to be looked at and also the inverter being fixed.