Well, we did it. Our first boarder crossing with our coach. As you can see in the photo above, it was not very busy entering into Canada. I would guess not a lot of US citizens would be leaving the US for July 4th. :)

The crossing went without a hitch. All in all, about 15 minutes or so. We got up to the booth and were asked a series of questions. The officer tried to trip me up with the questions. Right in the beginning he asked how long we wold be staying, I replied “until Monday”, then later he said “so, you will be in Canada until Tuesday then?” I replied, “no, Monday”. He said, “oh yeah”. He also tossed in, “what is the license plate number of your motor coach?” I had no clue. However, Brenda had read somewhere on-line they sometimes ask that question and had written down the plate number of both the coach and the Outlook. So, we had it on hand. :) (Yeah Brenda) He then said we would need to have the coach x-rayed. So, we pulled to the right side parking area and Tasha, Brenda and I exited. A portable x-ray unit then scanned the coach to take a look for “stuff”. Of course we were then again asked more or less the same questions the first officer asked to verify our answers did not change.

So all in all, it went well. I am not sure how it will be entering the US however as it seems there is a big drug thing happening. It turns out that Canada is one of the major marijuana exporters. Not that Canada itself as a country exports it, it is that it comes though Canada and is grown in Canada. So we are guessing two younger adults (well I am 42 and Brenda is 35 so stop laughing), will surely get searched coming into the US in such a large coach.

We made it to the park without issue. The above is from the pool area that has a heated pool. Which is a good thing for those in it as it was 67 outside. With all those kids, needless to say Brenda and I will not be in the pool.

Speaking of Brenda. Here she is with Tasha as we walked around the park.

Oh, forgot to say the site that had put us on we would not fit. Then they gave us another spot and we would not fit because we are tall, 12’ 6”, and would hit the trees. So, third times a charm and we got into a spot that we fit in.

Well, now waiting for Joe, Lynn, and the kids to arrive and yes, it has been raining. When does it not rain when we travel?