Hummm...Really? Is this actually happening? Whats going on?

Hummm…Really? Is this actually happening? Whats going on?

Oh my, what is Whisper so excited about with what is going on behind him? What are these two guys doing? Why are they smiling so much? Why are they so out of focus? (Oh, wait, that’s the wine making for that issue.) Ok, so maybe Whisper is more annoyed that we are keeping him up as the action in the background seems like it may be out of control or something. (Again…the wine.) But really, what is going on in the background and what is David holding that makes for all the smiles?

These are questions that will soon be answered that should make a lot of 2014 or newer Tiffin owners very happy. It has been over a year in development and Michael Kidd ( and David, both techies, are very excited to be revealing all the work very soon. So, what is it? What can it be? Let’s just say, stay tuned and be ready to control yourself when the time comes.