Dry Camping On BLM Land In Quartzsite, AZ

Heading back south we decided to stay in Quartzsite one last time.  Quartzsite is surrounded by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land.  This is land that you can just drive off the road and park out in the middle of no where.  It’s quiet and dark.  No lights around at all.  Which makes for gorgeous night skies and viewing of the stars.  Oh my!  You have not seen stars like this unless you’ve been in complete darkness.
Being Quartzsite, there were other rv’s around though.  However, everyone is respectful of everyone else in the sense that they park far away from each other.  So essentially, you are alone, kind of.

So we just enjoyed the quiet.  The darkness.  At night, admiring the stars, you could find other rver’s by there campfires.  That’s the only way you knew they were there.  Nice.  Another stop we’d do again next time we pass through here.  However, we’d plan on a few more days out here.

Brenda Reading While Tasha Watches Over

The Sun Set Reflecting In The Side Of The Coach