So, RV Park Wi-Fi… We all know it, and for the most part, we all hate it right? I mean really, COME ON! How hard could it be to have Wi-Fi in an RV Park? After all, I just call my cable company and BAM…High Speed Wi-Fi in my home. So what’s the big deal with Wi-Fi in RV Parks and why is it usually so bad?

As someone who has installed a number of parks ranging from as little as two access points to large scale ones with 120 access points, and still help manage them, let me try to give you some insight as to what is involved in doing Wi-Fi in an RV Park and what they run into. So before you write that next review on an RV park out in No Mans Land AZ that reads “The Wi-Fi is so bad I will never be back!”, maybe this will help you understand why that may be.

The best way for me to do this was to make a video. But let me just say it comes down to bandwidth and the amount of Internet they may be able to obtain at the parks location. How the network is built and managed. And last but surely NOT least, the type of RV’ers that are in the park at the time!  Yes, the RV’er play a roll more than you may think!

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