Brenda With Big Boy Statue

Brenda With Big Boy Statue

I don’t know where you grew up, but in Rochester, NY, Big Boy Restaurants were the place to go.  They had one burger….the Big Boy Burger.  And even though their were other items on the menu, that’s what you ordered.  The dessert of choice?  Well for David growing up it was the chocolate cake sundae.  For me it was the regular hot fudge sundae.

Oh the memories.  Going with my mother and sister for dinner.  My sister and I having contests to see who could down the most sugar packets.  My mother loved that game by the way.  It kept us up all night long bouncing off the walls.

My sister’s senior high class prank was to steal the Big Boy statue and place it on the roof of the high school.  I still, to this day, have no idea how they managed that one.  I do remember that after the statue was returned, unharmed mind you, they bolted it down to the base.  As you can see from the picture, the statue in itself was huge!  As I said, it’s still a mystery to me.  I’m sure some football players had something to do with it though.

Sadly, Big Boy Restaurants closed all there locations about 25 years or so ago.  We had thought all had closed.  Apparently not.  When David was driving us back to our camp site after the rally, I glanced over at the various restaurants at our exit and low and behold!  A Big Boy Restaurant!  They do exist.  We immediately turned the other direction and pulled into the parking lot.

The Big Boy statue may be a little different.  The interior more modern.  No more dark wood paneled walls and burnt orange booths.  Oh well.  We each ordered, of course, the Big Boy Burger.  There was no choice in that one.  It still looked the same and tasted the same.  For dessert? The chocolate cake sundae of course that David was gracious enough to share with me.

We each reminisced.  I sent my sister a picture of me and Big Boy to tease her of course.  She immediately asked if the sugar packets with big boys picture were still on the table.  Ha!  Little does she know she’s going to get a couple  sugar packets in her Christmas stocking :)

David Trying To Steal Big Boy's Burger

David Trying To Steal Big Boy’s Burger

David Enjoying Big Boy's Chocolate Cake Sundae

David Enjoying Big Boy’s Chocolate Cake Sundae