Now don’t get me wrong.  We love seeing the family and we actually do love this house.  It is nice to see the family again even for short times.  It is nice to have all the “toys” we have at the home as we truly made this house something we wanted.  If this house was not like it is, we would already have it on the market.

Yet, as nice as it all is here, we still find ourselves missing the friends we made on the road.  We missing the mini caravans we did just because we could.   “Hey, where you going next?  Sounds cool, lets go!”  Being anywhere.  Going anywhere.  It truly is great to be able to do such things.

Well, one thing I did recently was to redo my home computer control systems rack.  Oh what fun I but you are saying.  As it really is not for most people.  In fact, this house my be hard to sell because I have it so automated.  It’s needs a special person I think.

“Webster” the home control systems

Top Down…

HomeSeer Home Automation PRO100 Server (The thin computer with the bright blue light)
Next to that 4 HD Homeruns for 8 digital HDTV QAMM tuners.
Below that is the master 24 port Giga Switch, note all the cables. The Cable Modem and Voice over IP box.
Next is the big monitor (Smallest one I had around) and next to that are two 1500VA UPS’s
Below that, keyboard Mouse, Harddrive hots-wap Toaster and 2 extra HD’s.
Below that…RedayNas RAID Server (Silver box), Main Home Support Server (Weather, security cameras), Next to that is the machine that handles 3 in home touch pads, and then the big server is my 17TB unit with 15 drives.

Not that you needed to know all that, but their you go.

So now what?  Not sure.  The biggest issue we have right now in regards to traveling is the cats.  I think it has been mentioned we have 4.  Well, we do not want to have someone stay at the home again, we rather just try to bring them with us.  However the first time we tried that it did not work out to well with someone not being a good boy.  But man, if we could get a round this, we would be able to travel anytime and just lock up the home and go.

Oh well, I just wanted to make a wick post as I am kind of down and thought I would write about what I was feeling.  We will be back on the road soon, like the 20th of June for a few weeks.  Take care all.