All the planning. All the hype. And Sadly, now it’s over. 

The Bott-Lott CampJam was a great time had by all. It felt like we had the entire Southwoods RV Resort campground here at one time. We even had some OOBies drive in to meet us and partake in the party. 

Not familiar with what a CampJam is? Well, it’s an all out jam session that we like to throw, with a band, campfires, food, drinks and friends. Everyone is invited. If you play an instrument, bring it and maybe jam with us! We had a friend bring her fiddle and she joined in on a song and while Mike, the campground owner, did not have his guitar on him that night, he did get up to sing Folsom Prison, one of our favorites! There was dancing and drinking and sitting around the campfires enjoying the cool Fall like evening. 

We were lucky enough to find a great local band, Lake Effect.  David joined them playing his Cajon drum

They had a great set list and everyone enjoyed them. People were singing along and dancing all night long.

David has played all over the country in our travels and it was a blast to sit in on such a great band locally. He just may have found a few new friends to play with while we are up here at our seasonal site in the summertime. 

And of course, David being David, he streamed most of the concert live to our YouTube channel. If you were not one of the lucky ones to be able to enjoy the live stream, never fear! We have the video for you to enjoy at your leisure. Just click the video at the bottom of this post. And if you never want to miss another video or live stream that we do, just click the subscribe button in the video at the bottom right or visit our YouTube channel.

The video itself is over two hours long, so grab a drink, sit back and stream it on your big screen with the speakers up and you too can relive the glory of CampJam. And who knows, maybe next year you’ll find yourself in our neck of the woods and join us for another CampJam. Remember, you can make the video full screen also. 

So we want to thank everyone that came to the Bott-Lott CampJam this year. For all the food and drinks that you brought to share. For the band Lake Effect for their awesome concert. And most especially for Mike and Sue for allowing us the opportunity to have such a grand party to close out the season. 

It’s our way of thanking our Southwoods friends and family for a wonderful season. We’re looking forward to next year!