Eating outside the first night with.  Only time so far we could sit out. Note the dip in the land from the rear to the front.

Eating outside the first night with. Only time so far we could sit out. Note the dip in the land from the rear to the front.

“NOT BIG RIG FRIENDLY! With a 42ft MH we did not fit. Sites are not level. We would have snapped off our tailpipe if we dropped our air because of the incline.

Tight and narrow does not even begin to describe the sites and roads. The roads are so narrow two golf carts would be tight, let alone a MH.

Forget about satellite, too many trees. Antenna, nothing. Cable did not work. No Wi-Fi. One bar on cell phone, if you stand the right way.

They have a ridiculous $3.00 extra charge for “resort” fee. And if you want to take a shower, that willl be .25 cents extra. In the bathroom there are no paper towels or blowers to dry your hands.

Poor Roads Photo

Poor Roads Photo

Management does not care about sites let alone park. When we told them about us not fitting, they did not care. They had the typical answer, “We’ve had rigs your size here before in that spot”. Hard to believe. Park itself is maintained to the bare minimum to get by. Mostly seasonal sites. Some well maintained, most are falling apart. It says volumes when a seasonal camper had a sign out front saying, “Watch your stuff, there are thieves among us everywhere!”

Very overpriced for this campground. We will never come back here. We were here in a 42ft MH with a tow in a “pull thru” site which had a tree in it! Management was not even present during Labor Day Weekend, hard to believe but it shows the care they put into the park.

Stay Away! All of this is in my humble opinion, mileage may very. We camped here in a Motorhome.”

As far as out time here with Joe, Lynn and the kids, well, as fate would have it, RAIN RAIN RAIN.  Again when we are with them.  To the point that we were all in our coach waiting out the storm.  It has rained Friday night, 1/2 the day Saturday, and all Saturday night.  Today, it is suppose to be hit and miss showers.  But tomorrow, when we leave, it should be nice ans sunny.  (go figure.)

Stuck inside during the storm. Joe looks like he is happy. ;)

But we made the best of it as you can see, playing cards with the kids.  Note Joe’s face, this is not his idea of a nice evening when he expected to be sitting by a fire and not hiding from 30 mph winds and rain going sideways.

David, Brenda, and Lynn down at the beach before the storm. Lynn just had to jump in. ;)