Just wanted to say hello and Burrrrrrr! 12 degrees as I write this and I myself am asking “what are we doing here?!?!?!”. Well it all family related I am sorry to say. But we hope to start traveling again in April. You can check on your current weather at our home here… http://www.bott.net/weather

The above photo is of course our Tour Master and it is inside the poll barn we had built for it in the summer of 2008. The barn was finished just in time for winter and I will say that it is a tight fit! I mean, real tight. Even though the door is 13 feet 6 inches tall, what you can not see is the pitch of the driveway leading to it. As such the dome of of dish just hits the garage door seal as the RV backs in. (The dome is a 15” dome vs the newer 12” domes.)

All in all, things are OK as we move through this winter, just waiting to get back out on the road.