We made it!  (Still traveling of course.)  But we still made it across the country!  We have always wanted to do this and now we have.   Traveled from NY to CA and thus far having a great time doing it!  Actually if you think out it, we have been down to the start, all the way down to mile marker zero at the start of route 1 in Key West.  And now we are here on the other side of the country!

Brenda had the honor of driving us into the state as we stayed about 20 miles from the boarder last night and Brenda is currently driving this leg of the trip.

Hows Tasha we have been asked time and time again.  She is doing very well.  Does not try to run as much anymore.  She just kinds of walks at her own pace. We ended up putting little booties on her to help her paws as her paw pads are dry and no longer are as soft and pliable as they once were.  So, they can crack and the stones and rocks, well, she does not like it to say the least. Even though all this she still smiles at us and has a “happy face” as we continue to travel.   Now that we are in warmer weather, we think she likes it more.  We know we do.