If you had used my tutorial on how to build a “Private Wi-Fi System for Under $100“, have you been selecting the best RV park access point to connect to? After all, the NanoStation that we used to build the system is a commercial grade radio that gives you the option see ALL the access points. Your computer or phone for example will just show you the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and it will choose which access point to connect to. However, that might not really be the best one.  So being able to see all the access points that have the SSID means you may find one that gives you better speeds based on any number of factors. 

In the below video I show you what a difference it can make trying out a few access points vs just selecting the one with the best signal.  I also have some fun at the end and show you what I can do with a NanoStation 5AC radio.  (Note…The NanoStation 5AC radio can only be used with other Ubnt NanoStation 5AC radios.  DO NOT run out and buy one!