First, let me start by saying everyone, including their pets got out of this fire ok. The bad news, as you all may guess, is that this is a total loss for the coach as well as the Jeep. 

This coach was owned by some friends of ours. When they called us on Saturday, June 10, 2017, just a day after this had happened, we were in shock. 

This is a reminder to us all that this could really could happen at any moment to anyone. They were driving down the highway in Arizona, going about their business, when some passers by started honking at them and waved them over to the side of the road. Unknowing what this person wanted, they soon found out that they were on fire and did not even know it!  

Yup, the passers by saw the flames coming from their engine compartment. The interesting thing was that our friends said their was never any dash light that came on.

Here is the news report about the fire. 

This was a 2013 Tiffin Allegro Bus and our friends are diligent in their maintenance of their coach. They also like the modifications that David and I have done on our coach and had done a lot of them. 

Want to know  the REALLY SAD PART?

One of the modifications we had done last summer and blogged about is an engine fire suppression system. (You can find the post here with install photos.) The really sad part is our friends ordered one but it did not arrive in time to be installed before they left for their trip. So, they figured, as we all would, that they would just install it when they got back home.  :(

These engine fire suppression systems can be ordered off of Amazon and are self installed pretty easily. Here are some helpful links. 

Fire Fight Products – SS300-R4-Double Head 4 Liter Foam (For Engine area)

Fire Fight Products – SS30-90-CAG 90 1lbs Halon – (For Battery compartment)

We certainly are not trying to scare you with this information. We just wanted to refresh your memories that these systems do exist, are easily attainable, like through Amazon in some cases you surely can install them yourself. 

If you’re not one for reading through the blog post on how David installed this system, you can simply watch his video below. He goes through the reasons why we did this and how he installed the system on our 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus. 

Richard and Elle, we are SO SORRY to hear what happened. You were surely were heading in the right direction in regards to putting one in. Remember, we that travel always look forward. However as there are more roads ahead, there are also curves.

We ask that you share this post in hopes this helps get the word out again about the importance of fire suppression. How an engine fire suppression system, while may not save your coach, could help to give you the time you need to get out safely and possibly save your tow vehicle by putting out the fire before it spreads. We are certainly not fire experts but we feel this is a modification that all should look to do if they can. 

And let’s face it, any extra time that you have to get out of the coach safely and get your pets out, the better.