There is a good chance the inside blower fan in your Coleman Mach 8 AC will blow apart. “No pun intended”. It could be 6 years old or 2 months old, these are just a poorly made part of the AC and it will go “BAM” at some point. It is plastic after all that is spinning up and down at a high rate of speed.

So this will be a quick blog post, as the video is what you will really need at some point, that and the fact that the actual part can be very hard to find! Really, they are such an IN DEMAND item that I now carry a spare as they can be that hard to find!

Which is why right after one of ours blew apart I needed to make a video, and send this quick PSA, so that you know that… 1) You can fix it yourself, and 2) Hummmm….Keep one in stock as you do not want to be in 90+ weather, lose the fan, and then find out NO ONE HAS ANY.

First stop was Amazon… Out of Stock. Then two online RV Parts sites cancelled our orders, a day later after the order was placed, stating…”We are sorry, it seems we are out of stock.” even though they still showed on the site they were in stock. AUGH!!! So after 3 waisted days of just trying to get the part, I ended up buying it from the Tiffin Parts Store directly (Though at a higher cost and paying really bad shipping prices.) Took 4 more days to come in.  So it took about 8 days to get the part so good thing it was not 90+ out!

So I was lucky and went back to Amazon the next morning and they showed the Coleman 1472A1191 part in stock again, so I ordered two more. Good thing because by that evening, as I went to get a link for my friend, they already showed “Out of Stock” again. 

So…Here is the link to the Coleman 1472A1191 part on Amazon:
If they have any, get one as a standby. If they do not, check back daily as they come and go SO FAST. Then when the time comes, remember this video to help you fit it yourself.

Here is another general link to a Google search for the part incase Amazon does not have any…but if they don’t it is not likely anyone else will…

All in all…Hope this may help you “keep cool” when the time comes.