So that now bring us to to show you two items coming soon for you to look forward to in our travels. (Well maybe not “you” to look forward to…but surely us in regards to the first item.)

First, here is a photo of our new coach taken by our “secret inside person” (thanks Jill…Opps!) after it has come out of being painted. The photo does not do it justice as the paint actually changes shades of the colors based on your viewing position and the current light hitting the coach. So in the photo, it looks black, it surely is not. :)

The next item to share is David has been tested and getting ready a new camera gimbal for even better video performance from our X650 Quadcoptor UAV.

He has been messing around for weeks and here is his first main test after all the playing around. It is not something we usually post here, but we hope you will enjoy, and will look forward to the coming travel videos we will be able to take from it. He does a number of tests maneuvers showing how stable it will be. Enjoy!