2013 TOUR

(Image is of the 2013 TOUR color rendering.  We have something special planned. Stay Tuned.)

Ok, here is the scoop as to why we spent so long in Tampa Florida.

We were looking to buy a new coach from a larger dealer in Tampa as they had 6 of the 42GD’s, the floor plan we wanted, and 4 of them in the same color! So, we thought that they would really look to make a deal to move one of the 4 in the same color and same floor plan off the lot.

Quick Summary…First offer they gave us…$202,000 plus our coach. I looked at them and said, hummm…really? Second offer…$168,000.00 plus our coach. (They came down $34K!!!) I told them it did not give us a good feeling thinking that they tried that and no thank you. They then came down to $163,000, another $5K, plus our coach and said we would find no better deal as they gave us discounts and what have you from a “special account”. hummmm…..Had not heard that one before.

Well, needless to say, we walked away quickly as not only would they make a good profit from the sale…but would have then made more from our coach sale. It was not a good feeling to say the least.

Fast forward 24 hours later and I had ordered from the factory and saved another, are you ready, $15,000!!!. Yup, you read that right…$15K lower! The best part, our coach will be titled 2014 based on the build time and may have any line change that are starting to happen already for the new model year.

Where did we find such a great deal…Glad you asked…

Les and Lisa Johnson
303 Sheek Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46143
Les cell 317–775-1436
Les email: les.johnson@campingworld.com

So…Looking for a coach…save the time and call Les or Lisa Johnston. Let them know we told you to call. :)

(Shameless plug for them…but come on…$15K savings. Had to post about that.)