X650 Quadcopter

Coming soon to Outside Our Bubble will be arial footage from David’s new “toy”… an x650 Quadcopter arial video platform.  David has been researching these for over a year and has finely got up the nerve to move forward on this machine.  He had one custom built for his needs complete with GPS and even First Person Point of Video flying with video goggles. (He can see what he would see if he was real little and sitting on the Quadcopter.)  So their will be two cameras on board.  One for shooting the footage and one for the First Person View.  (Which we can also record.)

These things are “smart” to…Not only can they do a GPS Position hold (You can tell it to stay in one place and it will, on it’s own, but even if it looses it’s connection to the control radio, it can auto return to where it took off and auto land. Kind of amazing. (Their is a lot more to it mind you.) Even the camera mount will stay level at all times thanks to two servos and an onboard controller that monitors the attitude of the quadcopter and makes adjustments in real time.

It is quite the system and we hope to be able to bring you much more than just photos and a video here and their from the GoPro. We hope to capture RV Parks and other great views from points of interest that one usually can not obtain.

First things first though…David needs to learn to fly it. :) So, well, the first videos we will be putting up will be, more than likely, be of here at the home and we hope they are not of, well, the crashing type. These are not small mind you. Not at all. Not like the little helicopters you may have seen being sold in the mall or RV Rallies. It can carry almost 2 pounds of weight for example. We will be shooting video with not only the GoPro but also with our Panasonic still/video camera. So, well, we should be able to capture some great footage for use here on the site.

We hope you will enjoy these new additions to our travel blog. As we know we will enjoy bringing the footage to you.

That is, as long as David can keep it in the air. (I have faith in him though.)

As mentioned, it is being built and we hope to have it within the next week or so. Then, well, the “fun” will start. So stay tuned.

IT ARRIVED…Blog post made with first video footage!  CLICK HERE

X650 showing in the air with GoPro onboard (Stock Photos…Not David flying.)