People ask me about what all that stuff in my water bay is? Then they ask don’t I ever get worried about having a water leak?  Well yes, I do worry about it and that is the reason I added a Wi-Fi enabled water sensor into the cargo bay.

With all that stuff down there that handles everything from washing the coach and car to supplying water to the inside of our coach, there is more of a chance that something can happen for sure. So the addition of a water sensor is more or less peace of mind that if something was to happen, I would be alerted to it faster and be able to the save items that may be in the cargo bay from water damage.

Even if you don’t have all the Items I do in my water bay, for I am a little overboard I do admit, your coach does move down the road and things can become loose making for a water leak. Or worse, break and adding a new feature, a swimming pool, to your cargo bay. (Been there with our other coach.)

We went with a Proteus Wi-Fi enabled water sensor so we could be alerted on our phone and e-mail if an issue were to occur. I tested the Proteus and the less expensive D-Link unit and chose to spend more money for something I think I could count on more. So more or less, if you have never thought about adding a water sensor for your cargo bay…Now you can think about it. :)

Here is a quick video talking about what I have in our water bay area and the water sensor.