Ok, this is short and sweet. It seems that whenever we do a video or have a photo that shows the front dash of our coach, we always get an e-mail asking about where we got it.  Well seeing ours was made in Red Bay 4 years ago by Trevor, and he only does Tiffin, we could not offer a suggestion to those who were not Tiffin owners.

Well, our Dash Mat aged in this four years and it was time for a new one. So we thought we would take the time to look for another way to get one other than calling him. We did this so we then could answer the question for others, non-Tiffin owners, when we would get asked where we got it. 

Turns out the people that made the see-through window awnings, ShadePro, also does Dash Mats!!! So, we looked at their website and then at the list of RV makes and models they make them for and sure enough, their was one for our coach. Their were also A LOT of other manufacturer makes and models and in three different colors. So we ordered one to see how it was and if we could recommend it.

It has a mouse pad rubber backing that is called ShurGrip so it will not move around at all! The reason for a Dash Mat, for those that do not know, is not only does it keep your dash from “aging” in the sun, but the BIG REASON is to keep things from sliding around! This is a Big Deal as to having one, and once you do, you surely know you would not be without one. ;)

In a nutshell, after all, what else can you say about a Dash Mat, it’s a keeper! :) Click… ShadePro Dash Mats