First off, I want to state this upfront. This is not a paid advertisement. We truly love this product and have loved this company for years. We felt we needed to air our love out in the open about this product. Any opinions we really did come up with on our own and are in no way influenced by any of our cats and there reactions to said product, which is usually a “Run For Your Life” scenario. Except for BK. He is still one cool cat no matter what we throw at him.

And before some of you start sending us comments about throwing things at our cats, rest assured, we would never do that. (Little spongy balls excluded.) That’s merely a figure of speech. That being said, we can proceed with the blog post I know you all are dying to read.

OK….So we all know space is limited in a motor home. I don’t care what size your rig is; you don’t have a lot of room for something like a vacuum. We all need one though.

Short of creating a time-share for a vacuum cleaner because let’s face it, that would be ridiculous, this is a great solution.

But first, before we awe you with our discovery, which I’m sure some of you may have already discovered, here’s a little history of our Dyson love.

Yes, I said love.

When we had a sticks and brick house, we had a large Dyson Animal vacuum.

Dyson Animal Vacuum

We loved it. Boy could that thing suck up anything! It never clogged. Was easy to empty and clean. Had easy to use attachments and had a rotating brush head, which helped pick up every last cat and/or dog hair.

When we bought our first motor home we hated having to give up our large Dyson. But really, in a motor home, who really needs something that big? And where would it be stored?

After some research we were lucky enough to find a smaller version Dyson with a telescoping handle. The Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum. It is hard to tell from the picture but trust me; this was a much smaller unit.

This worked just as wonderfully as our other Dyson did. However, we were still not happy about a couple things.

1: It was larger than we wanted for storage. Therefore it was a pain in the butt to get it in and out of where it was stored (in a closet amongst all our cloths) just to vacuum a small space and put it all back.

2: It had a cord and even though a motor home is pretty compact, we did have to move the power cord a couple times to maximize our reach. And let’s face it, in this wireless world, who really needs cords anymore?

3: We had a separate hand held vac for those smaller jobs that getting the bigger vacuum out was a pain. So essentially we had two vacuums.

Don’t get us wrong. The Dyson DC24 was a great vacuum. It still worked wonders on the dog and cat hair. And let’s not forget all that dirt, sand and debris we all carry into our rigs. We felt it cleaned really well and still was easy to empty and clean. It was just more bulky than we wanted to deal with.

Now Dyson has solved our problems with their stick Motorhead vacuums.

Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum

I know stick vacuums have been out for a long time. However, they really have not worked all that well in our opinion. Especially when you’re talking about pet hair. They rarely, if at all, had a rotating brush head and they certainly did not have the suction or the ease of use/emptying of a Dyson.

The new Motorhead Vacuum line from Dyson however is Awesome! And I apologize to everyone in advance because once you own one of these; you will find yourself vacuuming ALL THE TIME (Or not, you will see later if you get through the video.) It’s so easy and quick. Lightweight and yes, even fun.

Yup, I went there. It brings the fun back to vacuuming.

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

I’ve been keeping my eye on these for a little while. They’re a few different models to choose from. Some with a Hepa filter, others without, etc. What I found out is that Dyson rarely, if at all, goes on sale. Kinda like Apple and their products. So we researched which particular one that was best for our situation and we got our new Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum for Christmas.
And let me tell you…
This thing really sucks!
But in a good way. *wink *wink

First off, it is super compact.
So there’s my first issue solved.

It comes with it’s own hanging rack which is also the charging station. Great as this does not take up any precious closet space nor floor space for storage. You do however need to mount this somewhere where it can reach a plug.

The attachments are easily stored on the charging station. So no need to find a place to store those. You can see from the pictures that it is really compact.It fits nicely behind all the clothes on the rack so it really is unobtrusive.

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

Being cordless is awesome! I can take it anywhere I like.

Outside to the basement area.

The car for a quick clean out.

Easily vacuum the steps coming into the rig.


So there’s my second issue solved.


Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum, Model Not Included

Living with three cats we find it easiest to keep the mini motorized head attached, as that is the one we tend to use most often, for those quick cleanup jobs. Essentially turning it into a great hand held vac with a motorized brush head.

And that’s my third and final issue solved.

Check! Check!

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

It’s really lightweight for all you people out there that have difficulty pushing a regular vacuum. It has a trigger grip for easy on and off. That means every time you let the trigger go, the vacuum turns off, thus saving you battery time. The battery lasts about 24 minutes on regular speed, less on super max but still sufficient. It doesn’t nearly take that long to vacuum a motor home so I’ve never run out of battery while vacuuming. It also easily transitions from tile to carpeting. No need for a different attachment.

Speaking of super max mode, for those times that you have something really ground in and you need a little (or a lot) of extra power, just push the super max mode and this will increase your suction.

BK Not Caring About The Vacuum Disturbing His Sleep

Be careful with small animals or children in the area though. This thing really sucks. As you can see, BK could care less about the vacuum and it’s many great qualities.

Come on! You know I had to throw in a BK picture. He loves his fans!


OK…So I lied to you all earlier. I do have one, ok two, complaints, one of which is not really a complaint so much as a, “Really? That’s weird” observation. This unit comes with the long stick vacuum, a crevice tool, the smaller hand held motorhead tool and another attachment that has a lint brush material on it for furniture. So basically 4 attachments. My complaint/observation is that the storage/charging station only holds the unit (with one attachment on it) and two additional attachments, three in total. So there is one attachment that you do have to put in a drawer or somewhere. I thought that was weird. I solved that easily by just not ever using that one attachment. See, easy. The other, cost. They are NOT CHEAP. But you pay for what you get in this case IMHO.

There are so many more features that I have not even touched upon. You can read all about them here.

We’ve been using this Dyson DC59 Motorhead vacuum for a few months now, giving it a really good break in period and I can truly and honestly say, we do love this vacuum (yes I said love again). We feel so strongly about this that we had to make a video about it and of course, we had to throw our own spin on it. We would not be doing our readers any service if we just did a regular old boring blog post and review now would we?

So without further adieu…