Splat! (Insert bad word here) BUGS! We have all been there and if you have not yet, because you are new to owning a coach or RV, you surely will be. What you see to the right is what our coach looked like after traveling for 14 hours in about 72 degree weather. (Temperature can play a roll in the sure number of bugs out.)  This was on our way from Tennessee to our seasonal site at Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY on on April 9th. I only mention this because at that time of the year, it is usually still too cool out to have many bugs. But lucky us, I say in a sarcastic tone, it was 72 degrees and the bugs were doing what they do.

Now we surely have had bugs in the past. After all, we have been traveling for some time. So it surely will not be the last time either. But in this case, it was really bugging me as there was SO MUCH! Usually we have bugs and I use my window wash solution and clean them. But surely nothing like this.  After all, this was 14 hours, 742 miles, of driving. So I needed to do something to make this easier and started researching.

Of course I reached out to Andrew, our main professional detailing guy to ask his advice and I sent the photo also. His reply…”It will take me some time to get to NY from AZ.”.  Ok, funny Andrew.  But he also sent me a few links. However before I received his reply I had already ordered what I wanted to try.

So in reading and looking around I came across Bugs N’ All. Not kidding, that is the name. The good news is that I could buy it from our favorite place, Amazon!  So along with ordering the solution, I also ordered a bug sponge and a bug finger mitt. (I was not sure which would work better and they were cheap so I bought both.)

The company ProSol says that “Bugs N’ All will not remove Wax or Polishes. It will not damage Clear Coat, Paint or Decals. Guaranteed!” and that “ProSol products are non-toxic, bio-degradable, earth friendly and it is safe to use around kids, pets, plants and shrubs.”  This of course is totally great! And even more, it can be used on just about anything as a cleaner…right down to leather! So it is multi purpose.

So how did it work?  Well it may be good to mention that about 6 days had passed and I had not touched the bugs on the front of the coach.  I did however do the windshield when we stopped for fuel, so I was OK on that. (That is where the above photo was taken.) So getting to the point…I was extremely happy with the result! I sprayed it on and waited for about one minute and then wiped with the bug sponge. I was shocked at how little pressure I used to remove them.  It just worked. So well in fact, I ordered more as you can get it in a small 4oz concentrate bottle!  Thus very RV friendly!

Of course I got very excited. (Well as excited as one can get about cleaning bugs!) So what did I do? I of course yelled for Brenda to grab the camera and we shot a video.  So without further blah, blah, blah, take a look at how well it did in this less than two minute Quick Tip!

Link to Amazon of Product: Bugs N’ All