Coach would not fit into the service bay.

Well, as you read in the past post, we needed to stop and have our ERG Cooler replaced as it was leaking onto the engine and burning antifreeze.  As you can see by the photo, we would not fit into this service bay so the work needed to be done outside.  Nice that is was blue sky and not as cold as it has been so we could get the work done.  Also nice as we were able to stay in the coach with the cats and Tasha as I am not sure that would have been the case if the coach went inside.

Below are a few photos of the repair.  We are happy to say that we were back on the road by 11:45AM and we are still on track to make it to where we wanted to be on the 22nd!  (So we added one night here vs stopping two nights somewhere else.  That’s RV life!)

It may be good to note for anyone that may need this work done.  They will end up replacing the antifreeze and also doing an oil change.  The oil change is due to the fact that the oil could have been invaded by the leaking antifreeze.  So, if you need the work done, do not get your oil changed right before as we did.  (go figure!)  If you can wait, do so, as you will get a free one.

The tech inside the engine area removing the ERG Cooler.

What the engine looks like after the ERG Cooler was removed. (It sits right above the exhaust manifold. See next photo)

Shinny new ERG Cooler installed. Pretty!

Whisper seems to have been worn out from the work being done. Not sure what he did, but it must have been hard as he fell right to sleep as soon as we hit the road.

We are now safely in West Monroe, LA for the night.  Tomorrow we have a short drive about 3 hours.