Ever wanted to own an Electric Vehicle (EV) but live in a motor coach and did not think it was possible. THINK AGAIN! For under $1000 you can build a system into your motor coach that not only powers your rig, but also will Level 2 Charge an EV off the SAME 50 or 30 AMP connection your RV plugs into. All without blowing that 50 AMP breaker! So dream no more…You can do it! You can own a Tesla, or any EV, and live on the road!

We, like Michael and Lehnanne Kidd of TurtleHerding.com, live on the road FULL TIME and both own Tesla Model X’s and very much enjoy owning such a vehicle. With some parts you can buy on-line and some FREE, open source software that Michael wrote, if you want a little project to do, you too can also now own an EV!

In the video below we talk about the history of the project and show you the interface in action and running! Also below you will find a link to the open source project, complete with download links and step-by-step setup instructions to make it all possible.

Why give this away for free? Simple…We both fully support Elon Musk’s vision of an EV future, however, we could not do so based on how we lived. BUT THEN THAT ALL CHANGED when, let’s just say, creativity stepped in and a solution was created!

So, come on, what are you waiting for? Go order your Tesla, Mustang Mach E, BMW i3 or whatever, and while you are waiting for it to come in, prepare your coach to charge it!

Pssst…If you do get a Tesla…Use our Referral Code Link.  (Our Code: david37889)

Project Site: https://EV4RV.org

Or if your prefer “David’s way”… https://OutsideOurTurtleHerdingBubble.com
(You will get that joke when you see the video.)

I also did a EV4RV Software Install Tutorial: https://youtu.be/3flAuTf0OTA