David here…Well it has been quite some time but here we are, on the road again. We are at the South Shore RV Park in Sodus Point, NY.

Well not really “on the road” but more of a get-a-way. We are only 40 miles or so from our home. Just a test run with Tasha to see how she does for a few days in the new home. So far, she is doing ok, but at the same time she is different.

About 4 hours after we got here, we tried the “We will be right back”, and walked out the RV and closed the door. Well, that did not go well. We heard her going back and forth whimpering. In retrospect, it was too early. So we will give it a try after we have a night in the RV and see if anything changes.

In her advanced age of 12, she really seems to need us more and more. She also however, seems to think she needs to protect us more and seems to bark and growl, yes growl. Very different than what we are used to with her that is for sure.

We are in a small RV park that mostly is seasonal campers. We are the biggest rig here to say the least. Most are the standard type campers. We have a great view of Lake Ontario sitting on a bluff.

This is also a time for just a quick rest for us after getting back from the Home Theater Cruise. We will be here only for two nights, but it will be a well needed rest. But I have my needed internet access. :) Even watching “The Office” streaming over the new Roku NetFlix box via my Verizon Wi-Fi access. It is really cool to be able to do this.

Well, evening is upon us, maybe more to come tomorrow. Nite!